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Why Midsize Representation Is Important

As you guys are probably well aware, the body positivity movement was borne out of plus size women feeling like their bodies weren't being represented anywhere and these women sought to change how society views plus size bodies. And the body positivity movement has exploded over the last few years. I see so many women online who are proud to be plus size and are so at peace with themselves after years of battling to get to that frame of mind. It is amazing to see.

But with the popularity of this movement has come a slight dilution of its meaning. People of all sizes are celebrating their body in the name of body positivity - not just plus size ladies. Which is great (everyone should love their bodies) but also kinda detracts from the original purpose of the whole movement. I mean, you can have body confidence issues as a size 8 woman but your body type is universally admired and celebrated so jumping on the body posi bandwagon kinda detracts from the women it is there to help the most. The ones whose body types aren't celebrated and admired. The ones that need to be told that they are amazing because society is so shit at telling them that.

That is why I love the midsize movement that has recently sprung up online. It creates a space for us women who don't have that 'perfect' body type but also aren't plus size. It is a space for us to talk about how we feel and celebrate how we look without taking over a movement that wasn't designed for us.

I wish these movements had been around when I was growing up.

As a teenager, I didn't have the best relationship with my body. I lived in clothes that I hated just because I felt my body was ugly - because I wasn't a size 10. I missed out on so much because of my rocky relationship with my appearance. I remember going swimming whilst on holiday and wearing a tshirt and knee-length shorts over a swimming costume because I was so afraid of people seeing my cellulite. Looking back, it makes me a little bit sad that I felt that way about myself.

The thing is, diet culture has always been drummed into us without any thought of how it would affect our confidence. I felt like I was viewed as a 'before' and like everyone around me was waiting for my 'after' to suddenly emerge. I felt like the ugly duckling and like I was fully expected to become a beautiful swan. I was swamped by the seemingly unending pressure placed on women to be perfect - it was the background music to most of my early life.

But the body positivity movement and, more recently, the midsize movement have helped me to move past that.

Now I am a size 12. I am happy with my body (most days). And I simply don't care as much anymore. I wear what I want and I eat when I am hungry. I don't count calories or buy into fad diets. I am comfortable with who I am - and this is something that I never thought I would be able to say.

Instagram accounts like Midsize Style Collective have shown me that women who look like me can look incredible and oh-so-fashionable. It has taught me that you can be midsize and not be a 'before' picture or just half-way through your 'weight loss journey'. You can be midsize and want to stay midsize. You can love your midsize body. You are allowed to love your body. These revelations were game-changing for me.

Midsize representation has helped me to feel like my body is good enough and that I don't have to punish myself for not being skinny.

And I see my privilege. I know that I am not judged for my size like plus size women are. I know that I can walk into a shop and find my size. And I know the battle for body positivity isn't over - we have a long way to go in accepting all body types. But change is happening and I am happy about that.

Who is your favourite midsize blogger? (Other than me, obvs lol)


  1. Love your outfit here! The #midsizestyle hashtag on instagram is so good for outfit inspiration x

    1. Awh thank you hun! It really is - and #averagegirlsize. Midsize influencers are really slaying right now

  2. I absolutely loved reading this blog post and your outfit is stunning!

    Danielle xx

  3. This is the first I've heard about the midsize movement and I am so glad I stumbled across your post! I am a US 10/UK 14 and even though that's pretty common I rarely see it in the media and I spend an awful lot of time in front of a mirror eyeing up my flaws. Thank you for this post!!

    1. I am sure you look amazing! Deffo check out The Midsize Collective on Insta for more fashion inspo - it is perfect for those days when you need a little confidence boost


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