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My Period Survival Kit*

Before having Ava, I would have described my periods as a minor inconvenience. I would have a headache the day before I was due on then my period would last about 5 days. They were light and I very rarely got any cramps.

Oh, how times change.

My periods have changed considerably in the last year. And not for the better. I now get cramps in my lower back and an ache that spread to my upper back and down my legs as the week progresses. I feel so exhausted near-on constantly and, coupling that with postpartum anaemia, all I want to do is just snuggled up under a blanket and be brought countless cups of hot chocolate and hand-fed Dairy Milk.

But I have found a few things that really seem to help when I'm riding the crimson wave and, that my good people, is what I am sharing with you today.

BeYou Pain Relief Patches*
I was recently sent out these patches to try and they really are a game-changer. They last for 12 hours and are made from wholly natural products (like different herbs and plant extracts). Now, I am someone who doesn't tend to go in for natural remedies - I mean, I usually just dose up on Paracetamol and go on my way - so convincing me that these products were worth it was always going to be an uphill battle. But I was shocked how effective these really are. You basically peel off the wrapper on the back (like a plaster) and place it on the area you get the cramps then, when it starts working, you feel a cooling sensation in that area. I put them on my lower back at the start of my period - when my cramps are the worst - and they really helped. I didn't even have to take any other pain relief - that is how good they are. My only issue was applying them. Trying to put a sticky patch onto your own back isn't the easiest thing - especially when they keep sticking to themselves. My advice is get a friend (or a long-suffering partner) to help you out.

A hot bath
This may seem like a cliché, namby-pamby kinda tip but a hot bath really helps. The heat soothes your muscles which will relieve any aches and pains you have - and it is a great excuse for hiding away from your family for an hour to watch vlogs. I like to put either some essential oil into my bath or, if I am feeling fancy, I will go for a Lush bath bomb.

All of the chocolate
So, I read this science thing recently that said your body naturally craves more 'junk food' when you're on your period because of changes to your hormone levels and I was like 'girl yes' because I eat as much as a family of five when I am on my period - a family of five who have been known to melt chocolate in the microwave and dip Digestives into it on a regular basis. So, I need to have a cupboard full of fave snacks for that one week else I will lose my shit. And science backs me up here so.

Taking a break
I am someone who always likes to be doing something - I mean, nothing fills me with more dread than a day without plans. And I like to try to keep that same energy all the time but, when my period stops by, all of my motivation seems to evaporate. It is only now that I have started coming to terms with that. When I am cramping and moody and tired, the last thing I want to be doing is heading out to snap outfit pictures or running around a soft play with Ava. So, I don't. I do what I can and give my body time to rest. And I know that's not possible for everyone (props to everyone out there in the police or running the country whilst also dealing with cramps and general period-ness) but just take a little time for yourself where possible.

Good skincare products
My skin is generally pretty ok. Sure, my cheeks are almost always red but I don't get spots a lot (unless I have been eating a lot of sugary stuff). But this all changes when I am on my period. I get quite painful spots on my chin which I absolutely hate so a good cleanser and moisturiser is a must. I haven't found the perfect cleanser as of yet but most that I have tried do a good job - I quite like the Biore Charcoal one - but I wouldn't be without my fave Simple Light Moisturiser. I have been using this since I was a teenager and it is perfect for my skin. It is gentle with no harsh chemicals and quite a light formula which suits my skin as I have slightly oily skin. Having skin products you can rely on is an absolute must for me - especially when I am on my period - as they help even out my skin which gives me that little confidence boost I need.

Period positivity
The most powerful thing I have in my period survival kit is positivity - and it is something that I have had to learn over the years. And this takes a couple of forms. For me, period positivity is about embracing how powerful my body is (I have really come to see this since having Ava) and my period is a reminder of what my body is capable of. I mean, I grew a whole human. And it also takes the form of not being embarrassed about my periods. When I first got my period at about 12, I felt mortified. I remember trying to hand wash my bedsheet that I had leaked onto in the sink before anyone noticed. The very thought of even speaking about my period to anyone was horrifying to me but now I see that periods are totally natural and I think we should all feel a little more free about speaking about them.

What's in your period survival kit?

* this is a paid collaboration with BeYou


  1. Periods are just the bloody worse. I get horrific pain!

    Danielle xx

    1. Me too! I thought it would get better as I got older but it is getting worse. Oh, the joys of womanhood haha xx


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