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Autumn Lookbook With Femme Luxe*

In case you guys didn't get the memo, I am a teensy bit autumn obsessed. Ok, maybe a bit more than obsessed. At this stage, my diet is basically just bonfire spiced hot chocolate, Halloween themed cakes, and literally anything that contains pumpkin. And the obsession doesn't end with my choice of snacks (read: all meals every day). It has taken over my wardrobe too.

As soon as September rolled in, I dived into a pile of knitwear and vowed not to emerge until it is at least 20 degrees again. Autumn fashion just encapsulates everything that I love. Jumpers, obviously, but also ankle boots and huge coats and hats that Cher herself would approve of. Also dark lipsticks (or is that just hot chocolate?) and the fact that you can wear a messy bun everyday and call it fashion. After months of it is so hot, what is the least amount of clothes I can wear without being arrested for public indecency? it is kinda nice to wake up in the morning and put some thought into my outfit.

The layered look

Yknow what has layers? Onions, ogres, and every outfit I wear in autumn. Cos ya girl gets cold very easily. Basically, if I ain't wearing a vest, I ain't fully dressed. Layering is the key to dressing like a chic fashionista that just stepped off the runway without freezing your bits off and it helps you to breathe a bit of life back into your summer pieces so it is cost-effective too. Win win, right?

So, when I saw this dress on Femme Luxe, I knew I needed to own it. It is a gorgeous autumnal colour and long enough that it covers your legs (for warmth and can hide the fact that you refuse to pick up a razor until at least April). And I really love it. I am not someone that usually loves bodycon anything but I will definitely be wearing this all season. And that means a lot because I really like jeans.

The summer trouser revival

Who said culottes are just for summer? I rock these babies year round! And with more emphasis being placed on slow fashion these days, taking a look into the Narnia-level depths of your wardrobe and seeing what you discover before hitting the shops is the way to go. And it leaves more money for the important things in life (like chips).

I love how this crop top looks with culottes. The top is quite fitted so the looseness of the trousers kinda balances everything out. And I just love swishing around singing Baggy Trousers whenever I put them on. But also feeling a bit chic in this 'Vogue' print crop top. Although, as I discovered, this outfit isn't very waterproof so bare that in mind.

I have gone a little accessories mad this season. I now own three different hats and enough scarfs to probably lasso the whole of Earth (if the occasion ever called for it). But I just love how the perfect accessory can take an outfit from meh to wow. And I feel like the scarf in this outfit kinda did that (at least, I hope cos a lot of people have seen me wearing this lol).

This Femme Luxe dress is gorgeous as it is. It is super thick and fits really nicely but I felt like it was calling out for an added bit of oomph. I love how the black goes so well with the bright pink - this dress really is the perfect base piece for any look. I mean, imagine it with a bright pink blazer. Or a check coat. The possibilities are endless (sorry, bank balance).

You can find all these looks at Femme Luxe. They kindly sent me out these pieces (thanks, queens!) so be sure to check them out - your wardrobe will thank you.

Which trends are you loving this season?

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  1. Your outfits are ever so lovely!

    Danielle xx


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