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Why I Want To Take More Fashion Risks This Autumn

I have always been a pretty avid follower of fashion. From the days of checking out which scrunchies were in style in Mizz magazine to modern day where I spend way too much time stalking fashion bloggers on Insta, fashion has always been something that has peaked my interest. However, this interest hasn't always translated into me dressing well. I mean, I am a creature of habit - when I find a pair of jeans I like, I repurchase them for the next eight years (here's looking at you, black Primark jeans). When I find an outfit that I think works well, I wear variants of it until the day I die (and I'd probably be buried in it too). It's safe to say that my fashion choices are well within my comfort zone. They're not ugly or boring - just a bit samey and definitely not experimental or expressive. And the more I put on the same pair of black jeans and white t-shirt, the more I feel like I am missing out on the excitement of trying something new and exploring which looks really project who I am to the world. Other than my usual 'I'm a mum who likes to be comfy and I just really like jeans'.

So, lately I have been pushing myself a little bit to try something new everyday. I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and liberate some of my clothes that I was too scared to wear from the depths of my wardrobe. I even bought a hat for the first time in my life. And I just feel more like me. I feel like the world is seeing the part of me that I haven't really shown before. The part of me that loves putting looks together and being a little bit extra. I feel like so much of our self-expression comes from what we choose to wear as it shows how we choose to present ourselves to the world and I don't think the slightly boring looks I was wearing before presented who I really am.

The thing is, I just didn't have the confidence before that I have now. I have done a lot of work on myself to get to this point where I can say that I don't really care if people think I look silly because this is what I want to wear. For the longest time, I would postpone outfits 'until I was skinny'. I had whole looks that I had mapped out for future size 8 me. Looking back, it seems crazy that I hid away in huge jumpers because I despised my body to that point but, a few years on, and I have worked hard to change my mentality and accept my body as is. I think that is partly where this shift has come from. I have made peace with myself and my appearance but I realised that I was still hiding away in the same clothes. And I knew this had to change.

I feel like this was the final hurdle I had to face. It is all well and good to think you look ok behind closed doors but actually standing up and letting the world see you rather than fading into the background is scary. There are days when I have a bit of a confidence wobble but, to be honest, it is also really liberating after years of feeling like I'm not cool enough or skinny enough to pull off certain looks to just walk into Topshop and buy what I like and actually wear it instead of putting it at the back of my wardrobe waiting for the day when I magically transform into a 5'9 model with a pixie cut and cheekbones that could cut a man.

So, this autumn marks a new chapter. I want to wear all the cute clothes that I love and not care if they are flattering or not. I want to wear hats and look like an extra from Oliver Twist just because I think they are cool. I want to be so far outside my comfort zone that I can't even find the way back.

Autumn is a great time to make a change. Not to reinvent yourself but to embrace further who you really are.

Dress: River Island (similar)
Black T-shirt: Primark (similar)
Belt: ASOS (similar)
Shoes: New Look (similar)


  1. You look absolutely amazing, definitely take more risks!

    Mariya |

  2. I love your outfit especially the dress! It's great how you've styled it effortlessly with a simple black t-shirt.


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