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Transitioning Into Autumn: What To Wear

It is no secret that I love autumn. The chilly weather is a great excuse to curl up on the sofa and binge-watch everything on Netflix (with a peppermint hot choc in hand, obvs) and the back-to-school vibes always make me feel nostalgic. It is a season of cosiness, candles, and a whole lot of chocolate. And, after a long, hot summer, it feels greatly needed.

However, my one qualm with autumn is the transition period and the whole what do I even put on my body today breakdowns that have taken over my mornings. The trouble I have is that I am a bit of magpie for anything knitted. Or mustard. Or just a coat in general tbh. So, I tend to dive straight in and layer up as soon as September rolls around. Which is great for the colder mornings but, by midday, I am cursing myself as I sweat like something from a cartoon. Literal puddles.

This year, I am trying to hold myself back a little bit. I am pushing myself to be slightly more sensible and utilise the items I have in my summer wardrobe but just give them a bit of an autumnal twist. So, I have put together a few hacks for turning your summer wardrobe into an autumn ready wardrobe.

Maxi dresses
In all honesty, I have always considered the maxi dress to be an exclusively summer piece but I have been playing around with the maxi dresses in my wardrobe lately and now I don't want to wear anything else all autumn. Maxi dresses are perfect because they cover you up but aren't too warm. I love pairing them with boots (I think knee high boots would look gorgeous with a maxi that has a slit in the side) and, my most recent revelation, putting a roll neck jumper underneath. This outfit was so warm and snug (albeit not very waterproof for the rainstorm that occurred half-way through snapping these pics) and I felt fierce in it.

Midi skirts
I love the look of a midi skirt paired with ankle boots and a slogan jumper. It just looks so cute and classic. And, I've found, having a little bit of leg out tends to balance out the unbearable heat of jumper-wearing.

In all honesty, I intended to buy a black baker boy hat to go with this look but I chickened out at the last minute because I thought I looked like a bus driver. But, yeah, accessories are the heroes of this season. A hat seems to instantly make a casual outfit 1000x more fashion, darling! in a matter of seconds. And let's not forget scarves. I love a good scarf (especially if it is big enough to double as a blanket/impromptu bib for baby) and recently picked up a bright pink one from Primarni which I intend to wear to death this season. Oh, and they keep you warm and stuff.

I'm gonna be open with you guys - I have ugly feet. I get them from my dad (sorry, dad!). So, summer isn't my friend. I despise sandals and how they make my little trotters look. So, autumn is always a bit of a relief after a long summer of having my feet on show. I absolutely love a heeled ankle boot and knee/thigh highs are the next thing I want to take on. Boots are an easy and effective way to change up your look for autumn without going all-out.

A vampy lip
On the days when I begrudgingly put on a dress or a tshirt and jeans because the weather is freakishly warm again, I cling on to a little bit of autumn with a dark lip. I love red and burgundy but I am venturing into browns (!) and slightly purple-ish colours. And, I have to say, it is majorly exciting to be able to put makeup on my face again without fearing it melting off.


  1. I LOVE your dress, it's so so pretty and I love the monochrome vibe! xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

  2. you're not wrong about hannah gale being the undisputed hero of the midi skirt - whatever she wears, i will buy. the end! (love this dress, too!)


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