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Tips For Embracing A More Vegan-Friendly Lifestyle*

When it comes to food, I'm not fussy. I will eat pretty much anything (especially if it is covered in chocolate or cheese). But that is also where the problem kinda lies. The thing is, I have started making a conscious effort lately to slowly reduce my meat intake (as well as dairy) because I don't feel hugely comfortable with the ethics of eating animal products. For me personally, meat has never been something that I ever gravitated towards so reducing that has come quite naturally. I found that I was just eating meat because it was there - not even because I really liked it. But other animal products are a little more tricky to cut out. But I have found a few great switches and little tricks for you Dairy Milk addicts out there. Although, I have to admit, going completely vegan may be a long way off for me (until they perfect vegan cheddar) but I am being more aware of what I am eating and trying to gravitate towards the vegan and vegetarian options as much as possible.

Meat alternatives
Back when I was a teenager, I was veggie for two years and, in that time, I must have eaten hundreds (if not thousands) of bean burgers. That is all there was back then. Very expensive bean burgers. But now there are so many options. My latest find has been Quorn scotch eggs (not strictly vegan but a step in the right direction) and they actually taste better than the meat version. There is no turning back for me now.

Baby steps
If you want to go vegan, you've got to be in it for the long haul but that means that you can slowly change your diet over time rather than cutting everything out immediately (which will only leave you craving the food you don't want to eat). It also means that you may not find a substitute for something you love and that is ok. For me, I can't find a good plant milk to go in tea so I just use cow's milk and continue testing new milk products that come out to try to find a substitute that works for me.

Take a vegan test
The company Health Labs run vegan tests where you can check for any nutrient deficiencies in your current diet and also for any allergies. If you are thinking of overhauling your diet, it may be best to first check what is good for you and what you need more of in your diet. Also you can get 25% off all vegan tests with the code EMERALD25.

Treat yourself
One thing that surprised me when I started to actually look closer at what I was eating was how many things I love are already vegan. Things like beans on toast and chip shop chips are vegan as well as Oreos and Doritos! It is surprising how many things are actually vegan that you eat everyday without thinking about it.

Do good in other ways
Of course, completely changing your diet isn't possible for everyone - be it because of lack of money and resources, health restrictions (including mental health), or anything else - it doesn't mean you can't live out a bit of the vegan spirit in your life. Try buying from charity shops, reducing plastic waste, shopping local, and donating to food banks. If you can't change your diet, you can still help change the world in other ways.

Would you ever go vegan?


  1. This is so interesting! I have a friend who is thinking of going vegan - I'll send this to her!

  2. Yes girl I love this post! I agree it's all about baby steps!

    x Lisa |


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