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Things That I Have Learnt Since Becoming An Adult

Some days I wake up and feel like a complete boss. These days are tantrum free (referring both to me and the child), they contain relaxed coffees in Costa whilst the baby naps, and I may even make it to the gym. Other days, I just want to be 8 again and have my mum bring me soup whilst I curl up on the sofa watching Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow. Adulthood is weird. You are never really prepared for it. I mean, there's no manual on how to adult. You just wake up one morning and you're 22 living with your husband and your baby and these bills are arriving at your house in your name and if you don't pay your tax right then you land in jail. It's a pretty high risk thing just to bluff your way through but somehow I have bluffed my way through the last 4 years of living independently. And I have learnt a few things along the way.

Nobody cares as much as you think they care
When I was a teenager, I was convinced every person who passed me on the street had an opinion on me. They were internally assessing what I was wearing, how I had my hair, and whether the blue eyeshadow up to my eyebrows really suited me. Now I have come to realise that strangers do not care. I could go out with a thong on my head and only a handful of people would notice. People don't care if I wear shorts or if my eyebrows look more like distant cousins than sisters. People have their own lives and too little time to judge every person they meet.

Everything is expensive
Remember what being given £5 felt like as a kid? You felt like you could take over the world (and still have money left over for a Dip Dab). Now I leave the house and, ten minutes later, I've spent £30. And none of that is spent on anything as good as a Dip Dab.

Vegetables are incredible
Growing up, I imagined that adulthood would be amazing because you can eat what you want when you want. You could eat a whole chocolate cake for breakfast and no one would tell you off. I think my younger self would be very disappointed by my adult diet that consists mostly of brown bread, vegetables, and chapatis. But then child me didn't appreciate the deliciousness of garlic mushrooms. Or butternut squash with feta cheese. 

Nights in beat nights out every time
Picture the scene: you are lounged on the sofa, you are braless wearing your comfy Christmas PJs, you are fresh-faced with your hair scraped back. In front of you is a large Domino's pizza with garlic dip and the latest season of your favourite series is on TV. For me, this is way better than being out all night in painful heels necking Malibu and coke because I feel kinda awkward.

Boring is the new fun
I must admit, I have a favourite washing up liquid. And I love doing laundry (the smell of freshly washed clothes in like a drug to me). And sometimes, when I am 20 minutes deep into mum chat about sleeping routines and weaning, I flash back to the days when I was slightly interesting. Adulthood makes you kinda boring but at least you know which fabric softener smells the best.

I am a lot stronger than I thought
I wanted to end this on a high note and this is probably one of the best things that adulthood has taught me so far. When I was a teen, I doubted myself a lot but now, as an adult, I have a lot more confidence in myself. Although I do wing a lot of things, I trust in my abilities and I really feel like the sky is the limit. And that is definitely an awesome thing - albeit something I wish 15 year old Lauren had also known.

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What has adulthood taught you?

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