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Things All Bloggers Do In Summer

Whether you're sat in the garden squinting at your laptop screen in the sun or sauntering around Peggy Porschen in a princess dress, bloggers really come into their element in the summer months. So, take off your reflective rose gold sunnies and take a break from laughing into an iced coffee in front of a pastel wall so you can see how many summer blogger clich├ęs you can tick off of this list.

You have let your ice cream half melt so you can get that perfect pic of it held up in front of the sea
I mean, what even is the point of going to the beach if you can't post that classic insta? It doesn't matter if you spend twenty minutes waiting for the background to become clear of tourists and you have more ice cream on your hands than in the cone by the end because this post is guaranteed to bang (well, unless you forget to add the hashtags AGAIN).

You have broken into a field of flowers to take pics because you're so zen and in touch with nature
It was the farmer's fault for planting colourful flowers, right? If he didn't want grown women clambering over gates to get pictures of themselves dancing around Kate Bush style then he should have planted something a bit more vegetable-y (but not pumpkins. Or strawbs. Or watermelon. Maybe a carrot?).

You have definitely fake laughed at a sugary treat and/or iced drink
If aliens invaded the planet and got a Bloglovin' account, I am sure they would start thinking that donuts tell amazing jokes. Or maybe I am just not buying the right ones? Also extra points if you have taken a picture laughing at an iced latte whilst stood in front of one of the following: a house in Kensington, a flower wall, or a pastel colour wall.

You have written about how much you love eating salad every day but really still eat a bowl of cheesy pasta for most meals
We all love to say how much we are enjoying the fruit and veg in this heat but I can't be the only one who mostly just eats bread and pizza and cheese and copious cups of tea. The stomach wants what it wants and lettuce is decidedly on the 'not want' pile. Even in the summer.

You have bought a slightly more 'out there' outfit after seeing your fave blogger wearing it and immediately resigned it to the back of your wardrobe
Some bloggers just have a knack for pulling off everything and anything. These ladies can wear a baker boy hat without looking like an extra from Oliver Twist. They can wear sparkly crop tops and not look like they're heading to a 90s disco. They can convince us that anything is possible and we can look this good to. These bloggers are liars and that rainbow midi dress makes me look like an eccentric primary school teacher.

You have already bought something because 'it'll be perfect for autumn'
Even I'm guilty of this one - I bought a fuchsia denim skirt a couple of weeks ago to wear with a black turtle neck, tights, and boots once the weather gets a bit cooler. 

How many of these summer blogger activities have you ticked off so far?

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  1. Awesome post, really liked this topic! Also, beautiful outfit! ❤

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