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Unpopular Opinion: Blogger Edition

A big part of blogging is the community. I love all my blogging babes and the support we all give each other. It is awesome how the same ladies always like and comment on my things and share my content. I love finding people who like similar things to me and being able to totally fangirl over anything from a lipstick to this one restaurant we both went to in Krakow. But I also feel this pressure to keep up appearances in the blogging community and either be enthusiastic about something I'm not that fussed about or just keep schtum if I'm not into something. Until today! Today I am sharing all the things that bloggers love but I kinda don't like very much (please don't unfollow me!).

I'm not fussed over Disney
Ok, I like some Disney films and I grew up watching the classics but I don't understand the absolute hype over everything Disney. When the Primark merch came out, I was like 'yeah, it's cute but not something I would buy'. Sure, I would go to Disneyland - and I definitely intend to take Ava there one day - but I am not a massive fan girl. Also I am still waiting for a Jewish princess.

Krispy Kreme donuts are really sickly 
Krispy Kreme donuts are another thing that I don't mind but really am not fussed on. If someone buys me one, I would be happy but I could probably only eat half. I mean, I once ate a whole Battenberg over the course of an evening but a whole Krispy Kreme donut? It's too much for me. And they all kinda taste the same to me. Like, give me a Tesco jam donut instead.

Instagram themes are too much effort
I can appreciate the work and creativity that goes into maintaining an Insta theme - if you have one, you are basically Van Gogh of the influencer world - but it is too much effort and sucks all the fun out of Instagram for me. I have tried to keep a theme before but it just made me hate Insta and want to chuck my phone out of the window. I love snapping pics then just putting a filter on them and sharing them - I don't have the time to be planning my grid. Big up people who have a theme but I'm gonna keep my hot mess of a grid myself.

Being a working class blogger is hard
People like to say 'hard work pays' whenever anyone raises a class issue but the influencer world is definitely geared towards those with excess cash (dosh, wonga). Like, I'm not gonna post a house tour because we don't even have carpets in our house as the council didn't put any flooring down and we're still saving to do it. As a working class blogger, I feel like I have to pretend and act like I am living a lifestyle which really isn't my reality.

Copper wire baskets are rubbish
Remember those copper wire baskets we all bought from Primark? Absolute trash. They're the storage equivalent of eating soup out of a sieve. I swapped mine out for a lined wicker basket because, get this, stuff doesn't fall out the second you put it in there. What can you even keep in there? The holes are too big. Nothing stay in there. It is ridiculous.

Freakshakes are just that - freaky
It is milkshake and cream and sprinkles and cakes and Lord knows what else stuffed into a mason jar and sold for like £5? When I could just a milkshake from McDonald's? I'll pass. I like a milkshake as much as the next girl but freakshakes are next level and I'm not into it. They are just too much of everything.

I hope you liked my brutal honesty and haven't unfollowed yet. Now it is your turn - what are your unpopular opinions that you haven't dared to share with your blogging pals?


  1. I can relate to every single one of these! Especially the working class unpopular opinion, if you come from a middle or upper class background, you are already miles ahead of a working class blogger in terms of access to money and resources to create a great platform. Also, freakshakes look grim. Maybe I am losing my sweet tooth with age but they look so sickly and why would I pay £5 for a jar that will make me sick? My unpopular blogger opinion is that its easier if you're white, blonde, skinny and live in central London *shrugs shoulders*, wheres the lie?

    Fran |

    1. Totally agree with your unpopular opinion too! I feel like brands just pick the same kinda girls for collaborations and those kinda girls are almost always the pretty, skinny, blonde, white girls xx

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  2. I don't understand people with Instagram themes. Must be so limiting. I much prefer your type of one's- so much more interesting and real.

    1. Awh thanks hun! It must take so much effort to maintain

  3. Love this, I have to agree with the instagram one. I remember when instagram just used to be snapping a picture and uploading it, now its staging photos, carrying clothes around to go pose in the same spots all for a pretty theme. I can admire the effort and the photos but it feels like creativity has gone.

    1. So true! Everything is so samey-samey. Every person posing in Kensington or one specific wall in the whole country. Or eating avo toast. I want to see something a bit different!

  4. OMGGGG I totally agree with so many of these points, especially the one about Disney! I do like the films, but I'm not really a huge fan of it and I don't really get the fascination of going to Disneyland because I just view it as a waste of money (sorry not sorry).

    I feel like people need to talk more about the class systems in blogging because you're right, hard work does pay off.... Eventually, but the process seems to be so much quicker for those who has some cash and can afford to go on photoshoots all of the time.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. I think Disneyland is a nice place to visit or to take the kids but it definitely isn't top of my dream destinations.

      True! Also events etc are all in London and not everyone can afford to travel there

  5. I actually really like reading posts like this because I feel it really interesting to hear other people's opinions! Definitely think the blogging world favours those who have more money to spend, often it's like if you don't spend and buy new things then you feel like you can't quite keep up sometimes.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  6. I completely agree wth everything you have said SO much! The whole hype around Disney is a bit too much for me personally, I leave any one who loves it to do their thing of course, but I don't have any merch around my house.

    Not having an Instagram theme has sometimes made me feel like a rubbish blogger, but I honestly don't know how people keep it up and for me the idea of even trying it was enough to put me off using Instagram. I think you're right that it does suck the fun out of it, and I know people who won't post something they want to because it would disrupt the theme, or others who actively research specific places that fit their theme, just for photos - seems mad to me!

    And the class system within blogging is something that really needs to be addressed more, so I'm glad you've brought it up! Influencers, especially those who start on shows like Love Island, in most cases come from an already privileged background for definite. I know we're all privileged in some ways but the lifestyle many influencers portray is a lifestyle that is unattainable for many, especially if you haven't already got some money to spare.

    Issy | MissIsGoode

  7. I know what you mean about the Disney hype and I totally agree, I don't understand the obsession and the need for it to be everywhere.
    About the "working class blogger" point I get it because I feel that since I have to work and blog and Instagram it's just too much. People who have more financial stability are able able to create more content (doesn't mean better) and can show off (that's what it is) their 'humble' lifestyle, which gives them more following.
    This is the first post of it's kind that I've read and loved it. Hope to see more "Unpopular Opinion".
    Loren |


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