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Things We Learnt Living Without WiFi For Two Months

For most millennials, this is a modern day nightmare but, up until a couple of weeks ago, this was our reality. We had switched to Talk Talk as our broadband provider a month before we moved house but when we got to our new house, there were so many issues setting up the broadband. Engineers kept booking and cancelling. Some came but didn't manage to fix the problem. Talk Talk kept pushing the date back. In the end, what was meant to only be a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months. And for two young people, this was pretty difficult. I'm sure some people would scoff at us but the internet has become such a massive part of all of our daily lives so to suddenly not have it did cause some issues. But we did learn a few things.

Libraries are super important
These two months have taught me that we need to preserve libraries at all costs. To start with, I was using Costa as a place to settle down in for a couple of hours with my laptop and a coffee but then I thought about how much I was spending in a week just to use their wifi and decided I needed a new place to camp out in. That's when we discovered the idyll which is the local library. It is free. It is quiet. The wifi is unlimited. And you can even print stuff. We need more places like this.

I use my phone too much
For the first few weeks, I kept buying data add-ons so that I could continuing scrolling through Insta but, by the end, I wasn't actually so fussed about using my phone. I spent time doing other things like making bread, playing silly games with Ava, going on long walks, and actually watching films without giving a running commentary of the action on Twitter. This time showed me that I am hugely reliant on my phone in so many ways. Instead of looking up recipes, I trusted my gut and experimented. Instead of walking the route that Google Maps told me, I explored different places. In all honesty, I kinda didn't want to use my phone anymore by the end of the two months because I realised that I was wasting so much time on it that could have been used doing other things - more beneficial things.

Social media can be bad for your mental health
Social media is a great place to make friends and find a community of people with similar interests to you. But it can also be a very negative place and I find too much of it really draining. Whether it is the bigots of Twitter bringing you down with their misogyny or the unworldly beauty of Insta models making you feel not so good about your rolls and not so shiny hair, social media isn't all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes you really need to just take a time out and breathe. And remember that no one is perfect and that bigots are not worth the energy of even thinking about.

The internet is a super useful tool
Despite loving my time offline - and kinda never wanting to return again - there is no getting away from just how useful the internet is. Anything you want an answer to is a quick type into Google away. Personally, I love using the internet for finding new recipes to try and different places to plan to travel to (and for a cheeky ASOS browse). I think once you've had the internet, it is super difficult to live without it as it makes some things so much easier.

At the end of these two months, I feel like I have learnt that I need to moderate my internet use more and spend less time aimlessly scrolling. I want to make a conscious effort from now on to put my phone in another room and spend time just being. I want to give Ava my undivided attention more often and I feel like spending less time online will be a big step in the right direction.

Would you be able to live without wifi?


  1. When we moved house we didn't have internet for about 5 weeks (so not nearly as long as you all) but I found all the same things as well! x

  2. Wow, two months is a long time! Whenever I haven't had internet access I've enjoyed aspects of the break but some things are just so much easier with internet! x

  3. We went over a month without internet when we moved house and I found that my partner and I spent loads of time together. He's a gamer but as we had no internet, he hadn't moved his computer from his parents house so we both just watched a lot of TV together (something we rarely do), sat around and talked more, had friends over more often and went out exploring our new village. People can scoff but you honestly don't realise how much you rely on the internet until you're without it! I always say I want to take a step away but it's quite difficult to. I have a huge family and we're all over the country, and if I deleted my social media accounts they wouldn't all see everything I post now and in the future, and it's not so easy (nor cheap!) to visit everyone or send out letters!

    I think it's a good little wake up call to be without for a while :)

    Issy | MissIsGoode


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