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How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Finding out that I was pregnant was an absolute surprise. I was in my final term at uni and had only moved in with my husband a couple of weeks before so it was really unexpected. Thinking back, there were quite a few signs that I had overlooked but, at the time, I thought nothing of them.

The first major sign that I had overlooked was that my period was late. I travelled to visit my husband in the Lake District around the 25th of February and expected my period around the 27th. It didn't come but, for some reason, I shrugged it off. I was used to a little irregularity in my periods - especially as I hadn't been eating enough on some crazy diet and with all the final year stress too. So I really thought nothing of it. I had been working like mad doing nights, trying to plan coursework and attend lecture during the day, and fit in a relationship too - I didn't have time to worry about something as small as my period.

On about the 8th of March, my husband moved into my little room in my student accommodation in Cardiff and waved the Lakes goodbye. My period still hadn't raised its ugly head but I still wasn't thinking about it. But the very day that my husband moved in, I was sick as a dog. We had spent the day going around the shops and having food out but I had had the worst stomach cramps all day. I remember thinking it must be either my period finally arriving or a bad bout of food poisoning. I managed to make it home before I was very sick for the first time in my adult life. Somehow pregnancy still didn't cross my mind. I blamed it on some Shake Shack cheesy chips I'd eaten and got on with enjoying having my husband around.

After about another week, I noticed that my sense of smell was so strong. It was crazy. I mean, I could smell Quavers from the other side of the cinema when we went to see a movie. And I had gone off of certain foods and really wanted to drink orange juice. It was weird as I usually eat anything and everything. So, my husband suggested I take a pregnancy test. I just laughed as he bought me one and sent me off to the public loos in St David shopping centre. Flash forward to five mins later and me frantically texting my flatmate telling her that there is a very faint line in the positive window. I was squinting thinking that it must just be my eyes.

When I left the loos, I told my husband that I wasn't sure as there is a mega faint line so I have to take another test in a bit. Later on, I took a test when we stopped off in Wok To Walk (you really would have thought we'd be doing this at home, right?). Same again. Mega faint line.

So, we go to Boots where we got the pregnancy tests from and asked to talk to the pharmacist. He assured me that there is no way that I could be pregnant after I showed him the tests and that they are probably faulty. I mean, the line would be darker, right? To be sure, I invested in a digital one and headed home.

Once we got home, I went into the loo and braved the digital test. Two minutes later, 'pregnant' flashed up in the window. Lord, I almost died. My mind went crazy. Like, how can I be pregnant?! I was literally crying and my husband was hugging me tryna calm me down whilst also panicking himself. We weren't ready for this! After a sleepless night for my husband and a not so sleepless one for me after that day of endless walking and peeing on sticks, we kinda regained some composure. After every word had been said, we woke up assured that we could do this. We were both so scared but I started to feel excited about this journey and now, over a year later, we have a lovely 7 month old girl who we adore and it all worked out for the best. Although I still can't stand the smell of Quavers.


  1. Oh my, this is the most beautiful thing ever. I bet it was an amazing feeling!x

    1. I was so scared to start with but I loved being pregnant tbh!

  2. I also developed a strong hatred of the smell of Quavers and haven't eaten then since, how random haha! Whilst trying we did pregnancy tests in all manor of public places, even Gatwick airport as I couldn't wait. But my positive was at home in the end. Even though I was trying to get pregnant, I remember the complete shock when we saw that test haha. I hope Ava is doing well X - Amy

    1. I think it's best to find out at home tbh - but maybe Wok To Walk could have given Ava free noodles for life if we'd announced it there haha. Hope you're all doing well - Ava is great, can't believe she's 7 months already! Xx

  3. What a lovely story! I feel like whenever I'm late I panic and immediately think about being pregnant but with how busy you were at the time I can imagine why that didn't cross your mind. It's lovely that it's all worked out for you all :)

    Issy | MissIsGoode

  4. Aww! Great story, feel like that would be me with a heightened sense of smell-I'm already like a bloodhound!

  5. I love t yhe "we were running around to pee on sticks" part of the story. It sounded hilarious, but I can imagine how frantic you've been. Congratulations on your pregnancy and you 7 months old cutie. Sometimes things we are so afraid of turn out quite great with time.

  6. Aw thats so lovely! I love that you did all the tests whilst wandering around!! x


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