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Products You Need To Become The Next Zoella

Blogging is a fickle mistress. One minute everyone is raving over Ikea plant pots and MAC lipsticks, the next minute it's all about white marble and poloroids. This, of course, makes it near on impossible for our friends and family to try to buy us anything that we could feature on the blog without completely missing the mark and getting us something way back from 2014 blogging. So, I have scoured Instagram and put together a cohesive list of all the products that bloggers are going crazy for at the moment.

Novelty mugs
Everybody loves a mug - especially one full of hot chocolate - but novelty mugs are all the rage right now. I love this one by Blogging Mode because it lets everyone know that I am the boss (a fact that my husband is yet to fully accept). They also do a range of other fun blogger themed gifts which are all equally fabulous.

Paperchase is my go-to location for cute stationary so when I discovered their postcards, I literally fell in love. I really like all the catchy slogans and cute prints. I recently bought one with a sloth on it - if that doesn't convince you that they do the best postcards then nothing will. Grab one, find a pretty location, paint your nails a pastel colour (or just your thumb - we've all done it), and voila! You have a perfect pic.

Bright, slogan tees
Following the lead of blogger goddess Hannah Gale, everyone is donning bright yellow tees with catchy slogans on them. Extra points if you find a pink wall to pose in front of. And a guaranteed extra 100 followers if you're laughing into an iced tea from Starbucks.

A Doughnut Time Doughnut 
Doughtnut Time have recently opened their first UK branch in London and people are going mad for their giant, delicious donuts. A few of my fave Insta queens have posted pics posing with a donut outside their pastel green shop and it really makes me want like 5 donuts. But, yeah, donuts are here to stay (thank the Lord).

I love using Polaroids in pictures but unfortunately I really can't afford to splash out on an Instax so I use online companies like Printiki instead. You just send over your pics, they print them out (you can even add captions!), then they send them back. Like having a polaroid without the price tag.

A Blogger Box From My New Business
Yes, this is a cheeky self promo. No, I'm not ashamed. So, I am starting a business selling all the things bloggers need to create the perfect flatlays. Everything is still developing at the moment but you can follow me on social media to keep up to date with everything that's going on. My business Twitter is here and my Insta is here.

What do you think makes a perfect blog photo?

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  1. Tehehehe I loved this post! It's so true, though - us bloggers can't help ourselves to a little slogan tee!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee


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