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3 Hidden Gems You Need To Add To Your Travel Bucket List*

The Rhine, Germany

It's no secret that I love to travel. I love exploring new places, trying food that I can't even pronounce, and kicking back in king-size hotel beds with a mug of tea in hand. When I am not visiting different destinations, reading travel blogs, and trying my hand at recreating foreign cuisine, I am scouring websites like Holiday Gems looking for new destinations to add to my ever-expanding travel bucket list. So, you can rest assured that I have a few hidden gems on that list - places full of history and culture (and sunshine) but not so full of tourists. And today I am going to share them with you lovely lot - and I ask you all to just pray that later this year I will be able to say that I booked a holiday to Gran Canaria.

When it comes to sunny European destinations, most people instantly think of places like Italy, Spain, and Greece. But, personally, I have had my eyes on Malta for quite a while. The island boasts three UNESCO world heritage sites - including monuments that date back centuries. Although Malta is becoming ever-popular as a travel destination, it is nowhere near as bustling with tourists as places like Venice or Madrid. The capital, Valletta, has an abundance of amazing castles, churches, and theatres. There are multiple museums and city tours so that you can soak up the culture.

Of all the places in Germany that I have visited, I found that Rudesheim was the most picturesque and traditionally beautiful place that I went to. The whole town is full of timber-front houses and pubs selling pint after pint of German beer. The surrounding hills are filled with grape vines to make their local wine that they have been making for over a thousand years. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is easy to see why. The best part of this town was a street named Drosselgasse. It was a small, cobbled street with buildings on either side. They play live music in the wine taverns situated on this street through the summer and have open-air garden seating so you can enjoy a bottle of wine as the summer evening draws in. 

Charmouth, Devon

I had to put a staycation in this list too, didn't I? The UK is full of lovely locations and Cornwall is definitely the perfect place for a short stay. As a kid, we would visit Tintagel religiously and I always felt like I was missing out by not going abroad but now I feel grateful that my parents opened my eyes to the great places there are to visit in the UK. Tintagel is a picturesque seaside town with all the traditional British seaside charm that you'd want in a beach holiday. In the height of summer, the sea tends to be quite clear and there is a stretch of sandy beaches. There are also rockpools and caves that I spent many hours exploring as a child. As well as this, there are the ruins of a castle said to have been inhabited by King Arthur and a traditional town where you can get a cream tea or some homemade fudge. Although this place is always quite busy during summer months, it isn't as revered as places like Bude so it is definitely a bit of a hidden gem.

What are your hidden gems?

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  1. I've never heard of Rudesheim but it seems like a place I'd really enjoy, and it's not even that far from Belgium! My favorite hidden gem has to be Gdansk, a colorful little town by the coast of Poland. The buildings are so picturesque, it's like a museum on its own!


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