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Things To Do In Ambleside, Lake District

For those of you who don't know, Isaac and I used to live in Ambleside back when we were newly married and it was an absolutely amazing place to live. In the summer, it was always bustling with tourists and work in hospitality was so easy to come across. And the views - I believe that the Lake District must be the most beautiful part of the UK. For a fairly small town, there are quite a few things to do in Ambleside - other than sit gawping at the mountains and lakes all day (which is an acceptable way to spend the day, by the way).

Get a hot chocolate at a local café 
We first lived in Ambleside in the summer then returned in the winter and, trust me, that place gets cold. So, there is nothing nicer than unwinding in a café drinking a gallon of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in one of the local cafés. I would recommend Waterhead Coffee Shop for the most amazing, homemade goodies, a shabby chic interior, and an amazing view.

Test the menus in the many local restaurants
When I was in Ambleside, I ate out at quite a few different restaurants (and worked in a few of them as well). Our favourite was Zeffirellis which doubled up as an independent cinema and vegetarian restaurant. Closely followed by the place where Isaac and I both worked - Lucy's On A Plate - which produced an eclectic mix of different foods (even some South African dishes) and two pages of dessert options. They also made their own bread and served toffee vodka - what more do you want from a restaurant? Another favourite of ours was Wateredge Inn which is a restaurant perched right beside the lake. I worked there when I first came to Ambleside. It has a lovely, country pub vibe and you can sit outside beside the lake in the summer and take in the view.

Take a boat ride on the lake
This is something that I am really happy that I did whilst I was in Ambleside. It was lovely to travel across the lake. Although Isaac did try to touch the water and almost fell in so I'd advise keeping a firm grip on your husbands at all time.

Swim in the lake
This is certainly not one for the faint hearted but definitely something fun to do. So, Isaac and I went down to the lake and spontaneously decided we should go for a swim. It was a really warm day and we must have been feeling a little crazy. So we stripped down to our underwear and jumped in. It was freezing!! But lying back floating across the water was really fun. Well, until I noticed people from my work could see me (oops!).

Have drinks at YHA
The YHA is pretty much a hidden gem in Ambleside. It is a hostel next to the lake but it also does great food and cheap drinks. It is perfect for sitting outside as the evening draws in with a glass of Jack Daniels and coke that you got mega keep and have a good gossip with the girls.

Go for a hike
You can't go to the Lake District and not take a trek into the mountains. Pull on your walking boots and anorak, load up your pockets with Kendal mint cake, and get out there. I found that the scenery was just as beautiful in the dead of winter when everything was very grey, misty, and Wuthering Heights-esque as it was in the height of summer when everything was lush and green. The best way to see the Lake District is on foot - or maybe on bike if your legs are strong enough.

Have you ever been to the Lake District?

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