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When I first started blogging, I have to admit that the goodies that other bloggers were being sent was a big incentive but my main purpose for starting a blog was to have a creative outlet and develop my writing style. I loved writing and I hoped blogging would be something good to have my CV when I applied for editorial work with magazine companies (basically, I'd watched The Devil Wears Prada and got ideas). Blogging wasn't a big thing back in 2012. People did tags and Primark hauls and photo an hour challenges. We shared our favourite Mac lipsticks and bought Ikea plant pots. Yes, people were sharing stuff they had bought but it was mostly small, inexpensive items. The kinda thing that we'd buy with the little extra we'd saved from our waitressing jobs. Photos were taken on phones or a basic digital camera you borrowed off your parents. Everything was casual.

Flash forward and the blogging game has changed a lot. Bloggers are producing incredible content. We pay professional photographers for our outfit pictures (no more phone pics in a dusty mirror for us) and a fair few of us own Chloe bags and Gucci belts. Blogging has become associated with a certain kind of lifestyle - and that lifestyle is a luxurious one. Be it our picture perfect morning coffees or even the shots of us giggling in our satin PJs as we frolic in a meringue nest of a bed, everything seems so picture perfect. The magazine industry are struggling to compete and a big blogger's opinion of a product or brand can sometimes be make or break. What once was a way to get into the magazine industry has now become an industry in its own right. One that prides itself on community, transparency, and creative freedom. But there is, of course, a certain recognised aesthetic to the whole thing.

I feel this perfection that I see a lot in this industry has started to affect me and the kind of content I want to produce. I get offered a lot of products to review and I find myself saying yes a lot more than I should. I know that most people aren't that interested in a new brand of ketchup but I still say yes. Every time I put up a post that I don't find that interesting, I kick myself. I feel like a sell out. I love writing and having a platform to share my opinions without being censored but I see that I am being drawn in by the consumerist aspect of blogging. And I don't like it.

From here on in, I have decided that I want to change my content. I don't want to promote anything unless it seems like a great fit for my blog. I want to go back to my blogging roots of writing about day trips and holidays. Doing little hauls and just writing about anything I have an opinion on. I want this blog to document my life rather than become a catalogue of things that you could buy.

What kind of posts do you like to read?


  1. I am so excited to see your new content. I love everything you post but raw blog posts are my favourite!

    Fran |

  2. I love your posts and will read whatever you want to write about.

  3. Well done for being so honest! I love reading all types of content from parenting to lifestyle as well as product reviews that understandably go along with the bloggers content. Looking forward to your work :)

    Soffy //

  4. I think if you are under pressure to pay the bills it's very difficult to resist. It's great you are in the position to be more focused on the brands you'll work with! x

  5. I enjoyed this ... it's a dilemma we bloggers all face: what we want to write about versus what people react to when we write, and the temptation to tweak our writing to get more and bigger response. Truth is we do write with a readership in mind so it's hard to avoid playing a little to the gallery. Honest, yes, but readable too, that's the goal!! #BlogCrush

  6. This is exactly the thing I've been wrestling with recently. It's so hard when you get offered an opportunity, and you don't know when the next opportunity might come along, to turn stuff down. But I also know that feeling of being a sell-out - I know when I'm compromising the quality in order to get paid, but it's a fine balance. Thank you for your honesty and it's good to know that I'm not alone in trying to find the right path with this.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your "I've been featured" blog badge :) #blogcrush


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