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Why You Should Read To Your Baby Everyday

I have a bit of a problem. My four month old is addicted to watching TV. This morning, my husband was watching a Facebook Live of his favourite Ugandan singer talking about something (to be fair, it could have been anything as my grasp of the language is limited) and Ava kept pulling the phone towards her to watch. I get it, the bright colours, sounds, moving images - it is like baby heaven. But, having done a little research about whether screen time is harmful for babies, I discovered that it is basically 'junk food for growing minds'. She doesn't have to interact with anything. She doesn't have to think or engage. There isn't anything to learn from it. I do admit that I still let her watch it TV sometimes when I need to do something and it is the only way to settle her down but I am really trying to limit it.

In the place of TV, I have decided to introduce Ava to books. It is now my mission to read with Ava everyday. To start with, it wasn't easy. She would cry or push the book away but now she is starting to enjoy it. Coupled with tummy time and sensory play, I feel like this is really helping her development and making her a lot more interactive. She reaches out to the book a lot when we are reading which, I think, shows that her hand-eye coordination is improving and I am hoping that hearing me speak directly to her will help her as she starts trying to get her mouth around sounds and words.

As well as that, I absolutely love having that quiet time together where all devices are off and there are no distractions. I feel like it really helps us to bond and I hope it is something that we can continue with as she gets older. In all honesty, I have struggled with implementing screen-free time. As other stay-at-home mums can probably understand, the reduced amount of human interaction in the your day-to-day life has you reaching for the phone to fill that void. I admit, sometimes I put the TV on so the house doesn't seem so quiet. But getting yourself into a routine of saying you will have an hour of tech-free time every afternoon is a good place to start and it becomes easier once it becomes routine.

I just want to say a big thank you to the lovely people at Walker Books for sending me this book for Ava as well as the Nutbrown Hare rabbit and some milestone cards. Ava absolutely adored the toy and we take it with us every time we leave the house - it is my secret weapon for when she gets fussy.

You can buy a copy of the book here.* And the rattle here.*

What is your child's favourite book? 


  1. I have so many books for Joshua including some of mine, my mum kept for me from when I was a child. Books are so, so important! xx

    1. I need to invest in more books for Ava! It is really lovely to pass books down. I wish I had kept ones like The Hungry Caterpillar that I loved as a kid xx

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  3. So glad you are reading to your baby! I live in the Middle East where I watch the tiniest of tots being pushed around in strollers for hours already completely void of interest for the world around them and even having dinner in elite restaurants with their Ipads on the table and their parents only too glad they are silent.
    I'm no where near to being a mom, but I always debate the use of telivision in a kids life - how much is too much? Should we even allow it at all? What would our kids be like without it?
    P.S. Your baby is gorgeous!

  4. I totally understand this! Sometimes I let Ava watch TV if I am trying to cook or something but I think it's not good to let them constantly be watching a screen. I always say to my husband - this is a baby, not a doll, so she will cry and make noise and need attention but that is all part and parcel of being a parent.
    Also I am mega excited to have a reader from the Middle East - that's so awesome!! xx

    1. Oops, this was meant to be a reply to Jasmine - not just a comment on my own blog post lol

  5. Ava is so adorable :) I think it's really good that you're starting this habit while she's so young! It's sad how many kids are walking around with iphones etc these days.

    Claire x

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