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Thoughts You Have On A Snow Day

As our country is fully in the snowy grips of the Beast from the East, many of us are trapped in our homes without even the possibility of a pizza delivery for comfort. Sure, building snowmen and having snowball fights is all well and good but it kinda loses its appeal on day three of Arctic-level conditions. The local shop is out of bread. Teens are forced to hang out in supermarket cafes as McDonald's is closed. People are using icicles as battering rams to try to force open the door of Costa in caffeine-deficient desperation. But it didn't start out this way.

Our first thoughts are usually along the lines of 'this country is crazy! 50cm of snow and -11c temperatures? What a load of nonsense'.

But this quickly develops into 'oh, wow, snow! Maybe I'll get the day off work tomorrow' as the first snowflakes start to settle on the ground that evening.

The next morning you wake up to about 2 inches of snow and gleefully call work saying 'there's now way I can make it in. It is way too risky. Black ice and all that' and run out into the snow like a kid. You build giant snowmen (although the snow is starting to go a little slushy and grey in places) and draw inappropriate pictures in the snow on your neighbours' cars. This is literally the best day ever.

Despite your fun, you find yourself tutting at the news and its half hour segment which should be entitled 'we asked 100 random people from different part of the UK about the snow and they all agree it is pretty cold. Some even got stuck in traffic for an hour'. Your response: 'why can't our country handle a little bit of snow? How do Norway and places like that manage?'.

The next morning, you expect more of the same. But, in your heart, you think it has probably melted away. You'll be back at your desk wearing a hot water bottle under your shirt in no time. But, when you wake up, there's more snow. Your immediate thought: 'oh no, we don't have any milk'.

So, you put on about 5 different layers and at least 3 hats and try to trudge through the snow to the supermarket. You find yourself panic buying 5 bottles of milk and enough tins of soup to last at least a year. By the time you get home, you feel like icicles are hanging from your nose and immediately dive into a bath. 'This is too much,' you decide.

That evening, you actually pay attention to the news. 'Please say there won't be anymore snow'. The weatherman smiles sympathetically as he says there will be even more snow tomorrow. Your location is on red alert - risk to human life. You start to panic.

That night you worry. 'What about the homeless people? What about those who have rely on carers? What if carers can't reach them? What can I do to help??'.

The next morning you head out. Knocking on doors, talking to strangers, donating some of your limitless supply of soup. You feel like the community is coming together. You feel proud as you see neighbours digging the driveways of the whole street and checking in on people with babies to see if they need anything. 'I feel proud to live here,' you beam to yourself.

You then spend the rest of the day under several blankets chain drinking tea and thanking the Lord above for the blessing that is Netflix. You eat your weight in cake because 'you need the extra calories to fight the cold'. Even though your heating is on about 30c.

The next day, the snow starts to melt. Sludge fills the streets but some feeling of normalcy returns. At least McDonald's is open now. Everyone returns to their lives but you feel like this time has brought you and your neighbours closer together. And you feel certain that you can face anything now that you have survived the Beast from the East.


  1. haha, this was such a fun read! Like you I love snow on the first day - it´s magical and like a child's dream. After that it just becomes dreadful and too cold for my heat-loving self! I could relate to so many of your thoughts here!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. I know what you mean! We have used so much heating over the last couple of days haha xx

  2. This was such a funny but also really heartwarming read. Although here in London the experience was a wee bit different - definitely no neighbourly coming together! Didn't even get a snow day!xx

    mia //

    1. Ah, I used to live in London so I get what you mean! I really missed that community spirit when I lived there xx

  3. Snow is always such a surprise in the UK! I did enjoy it, especially working from home all cozy. Plus, the shops around me stayed fully stocked! Though I did have to fly on the Friday which was a bit touch and go! x

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