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Our First Three Months

As I sit here writing this, Never Been Kissed is on the TV and Ava is watching it with me in her bouncy chair. It is strange to think that Ava has only been with us for three months. I can barely remember what life was like before her - or what I did with all my spare time. But it also feels like those weeks have flown by. She has already changed so much in this short amount of time.

In the place of a tiny, sleepy baby, I now have a slightly larger baby that smiles, tries to talk to us, and can even roll over from her front to her back when she is feeling strong. As much as I loved having a newborn, I am excited to see how Ava is developing - especially now that she is trying to communicate. Her personality is really starting to shine through. She's a mischievous little thing but also she is really loving. Around 10pm every evening, she starts watching the front door as if she is waiting for Isaac to get home and whenever she is sat with anyone else, her eyes follow me around the room.

When it comes to sleeping, we're not quite there yet. The last two nights, she has slept through the night in her moses basket but usually she will sleep in her moses basket for half the night then demand to come in the bed with us for the rest of it. Secretly, I am happy to have her in the bed as I enjoy the cuddles. I think I will miss having her in the bed when she gets used to sleeping in her moses basket all night but it also means that we will be able to sleep better as we sleep lighter when she is in the bed as we are both very cautious of her.

Despite the fact that Ava was born at a low birth weight, she has grown really well and is steadily increasing which is all down to the fact that this girl does not stop feeding. We have been combination feeding from the start but her intake has increased so much that my milk supply can barely keep up. Now we are mostly just giving her formula with only a couple of feeds on the breast each day. Although I would have loved to exclusively breastfeed her, it just hasn't really worked out for us for a range of reasons so I have decided that the most important thing is that she gets fed - be it by breast or by bottle.

Overall, the last three months have been crazy. They have been the most incredible and fulfilling months of my life. I have changed in so many ways and I feel like Ava and I have developed such a special bond during this time. Our family of three is now closer than ever and it is perfect. That's not to say that we don't argue and I don't get stressed because we definitely do, but this is my kind of perfect. When I see Isaac holding Ava in his arms as they lie together in the bed, I feel like my whole world is complete.

These three months have been so special and they make me excited for all the adventures that lie ahead.


  1. Wow, it doesn't seem like 3 months! I'm so glad you have this blog to look back on every development. It's so sweet that she waits up for Isaac!

  2. I can't believe it has been 3 months already! She seems so sweet, it will be so nice to be able to look back on posts and pictures like this.


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