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Looking Back On 2017

I would describe 2017 as 'the year I had to grow up'. It is the year I graduated from university, moved in with my husband, fell pregnant, and gave birth to my first born child. I know, I really managed to pack a lot of big life things into 12 months. I feel like I am leaving this year very different to the person I was back in January and I am excited for what 2018 has to offer.

The year started with me living in Ambleside, Lake District with my husband. This was during the Christmas holidays which stretched from the start of December to the end of January. We both worked at the same restaurant and spent most of our spare time going on long walks in the mountains together and drinking lots of hot chocolate in cafes. This was a beautiful start to the year. We also took a trip up to Edinburgh to celebrate our two year anniversary.

This month I returned to Cardiff for university and I struggled being apart from Isaac but I pushed myself to continue and finish the course. I went back to Ambleside for a week towards the end of the month to visit Isaac and to have a belated Valentine's Day.
The month started with Isaac's birthday and he came to Cardiff to celebrate it - and to move in! Soon after we discovered that I was pregnant. I didn't believe it at first (even after taking multiple pregnancy tests) but after a few weeks, I realised that the test definitely were correct.

This was a month of orange juice cravings and food aversions. I lived off of toast, salty chips, and fizzy gummy sweets. I continued to work at my job in a fried chicken shop which was working nights so that mixed with university in the day and pregnancy made me one tired girl.

This was my birthday month and finals month. I handed in my last ever uni assignments and we went on a family holiday with my parents and siblings to North Devon. Despite the fact that I still hadn't told my family that I was pregnant and I spent most of the time trying to hide it, it was a lovely time and the perfect celebration of turning 21.

This month we found out that we were expecting a girl. I also got my exam results back and attended my graduation ceremony. I felt really proud of myself for completing my course and for overcoming everything I had been through in those three years although I didn't quite get the grade I was hoping for. This was also the month we moved back to my parents' house in Devon.

This month was a relaxed one. We remained in Devon together at my parents' and went on lots of walks in the countryside. I craved McDonald's a lot and everything banana flavoured.

I spent most of this month in the bath - and we were still at my parents' house. We went to the beach a lot and explored the local area. We were also viewing house after house trying to find somewhere to move to.

This month, we decided to move to London. We wanted to experience something new and exciting - which it definitely would be after these months in the village. I also put a lot more work into my blog and Instagram. I wrote one post that I was especially proud of. And I got an infection and felt like I was about to die.

We made the move to Blackheath, London and I spent most of the time exploring Greenwich as well as Covent Garden where Isaac was working. I had a uni friend visit me which was lovely and I enjoyed the variety that London had to offer - although I was so heavily pregnant that leaving the house was an accomplishment in itself. By this point, I was very much ready for the baby to be born.

This is the month that Ava was born and a subsequent 5 days spent in the luxury of Lewisham Hospital. This month was full of changes and challenges but also was amazing to finally have Ava with us.

We decided to move back to Devon and were able to find a flat to spend Christmas together as a family of three. I also got to meet Isaac's family who came over to see Ava and celebrate the holidays with us.

I ordered the prints in the first picture from Printiki*. They print off the pictures you send them and it is very cheap and easy to do so. I absolutely love having physical copies of photos to hang up on the wall or display on my desk. Definitely worth checking out and I will be ordering more from them as I get more pictures of Ava as she grows up. I may even go the whole hog and get a photo album to put them all in. You can get free shipping with this code: N7E4W2Z4.

What did your 2017 look like?

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  1. What an amazing year- and what a beautiful little girl to show for it too :) Wishing your family the best 2018 ever xx


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