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Christmas Eve With Gemporia Christmas Candles*

Christmas is so close I can almost taste the pigs in blankets and mountains of stuffing. Father Christmas is busy loading up his sleigh (preferably with presents that are purring) and the reindeer are dusting off their hooves and/or shiny red nose in anticipation. Personally, I am sat watching The Snowman with a mince pie. Ava is next to me asleep in her car seat and I dare not wake her. I spent most of Christmas Eve organising things. Now I am an adult (apparently), I have to do stuff like washing bedding for guests who are visiting and making sure we have enough space for their luggage. But I managed to grab a couple of spare minutes to write a little something.

I thought I should take this opportunity to share with you some pretty awesome candles. They were sent to me by Gemporia and they contain 6 carats of real emerald. Swanky, right? They are packaged beautifully in little boxes and the candles themselves are incredible. I love the shiny, green packaging so much that the candles will be taking pride of place as the centrepiece of our Christmas dinner table. And, in all honesty, I won't be packing them away once the festive season is over.

These candles have such a gorgeous scent. They smell like real Christmas trees and the scent really fills the whole room. This is something I really look for in a candle. I like my candles to have that pow factor rather than just being a bit meh. They have made my living room smell so Christmassy and I love it. I'd be interested to see what the other scents are like.

But the best part of these candles is, of course, the gemstones. It is such a unique concept and they make the candles feel so much more special. I was delighted to recieve the emerald variety (very well branded, I must say) and the gems look so pretty with the light of the candle bouncing off of them. Also people say that emeralds bring about more intellectual understanding and open your mind to allow for more creativity and understanding of the world around you. Whether you believe that or not, it is definitely a nice concept.

Winter Spruce*
Winter Woodland*

So, I would love to hear how you are all spending your Christmas Eve and what you are most looking forward to this Christmas.

Happy holidays to all my lovely readers!

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