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Why I'll Never Be A Mummy Blogger

Lately, I have been considering my brand. I am cringing that I actually just wrote that but, what I mean is, I have been considering which direction I should take this blog in. Whether I need a niche. Whether I should just continue under the umbrella term of 'lifestyle blogger' or if my blog needs something new. I have been experimenting with different kinds of posts and asking a lot of questions on social media about what you guys want to read more of. I have been loving writing more opinion posts (basically it is a great excuse for me to just rant) but I have also been considering how having a baby will impact what kind of things I will want to write about. Will I automatically become a 'mummy blogger'?

Don't get me wrong, I love parenting blogs. All I seem to read these days is posts that include cute, little bubbas and I am an avid fan of a whole host of YouTubers who document the trials and tribulations of motherhood. But something is holding me back from the idea of becoming a full-blown mummy blogger myself. Although I have been blogging for years and sharing places I have visited and big life events, I still think of myself as a fairly private person. I don't feel hugely comfortable sharing much about my relationship with my husband or pictures of my friends and family and I feel like this will probably extend to my daughter too.

Of course, I have every intention of sharing pictures of my bubba on social media and I will probably share some here as well but I won't be making her the central focus of my blog. She will, of course, be the central focus of my life so this will probably transfer into my writing but, by labelling myself as a 'mummy blogger', I feel like this puts a certain pressure on me to produce content based around my daughter which oversteps a line that I would feel comfortable with. As much as I love to share snippets of my life on this blog and have really enjoyed documenting my pregnancy, there are certain things that I want to share with just my husband and our immediate family.

I will continue to share parts of my life on this blog and you definitely won't go without pictures of my daughter. I will continue to document my pregnancy and continue creating baby related content but I have decided that much of my daughter's life and our relationship together will remain private.

What do you think of parenting blogs?

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  1. Hi, I think it is very refreshing that you have decided to keep some of your precious life private. I myself am in the process of writing lifestyle blogs and launching a new babywear product and as a naturally private person was also contemplating how much of my life I would need to disclose in order to be a successful blogger. I know that part of blogging means opening up and sharing parts of your life with the world so that they can relate with you, however I also believe there needs to be a balance between being able to capture and experience personal moments that only you and your family share with moments that will inspire or positively influence someone else out there in the wide world! Good luck with your new parenting life and business ventures. 😊


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