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We Moved To London!

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I recently moved from Devon to the big city of London. Just writing that seems slightly crazy to me. My husband had been wanting to live in London for a while now and things had always got in the way of that. First, I had to finish my degree in Cardiff. Then, just a couple of months before I was set to graduate, we found out that we were expecting. At that time, we thought that there was no way now that we would be able to follow that dream and live in London. I mean, babies don't really mix with the fast-paced, working flat out, heady excitement of the capital. But then we stopped and asked ourselves 'why not?'. So, here we are one week into our new lives living in Greenwich.

When we first got here, I didn't know what to expect. I felt quite anxious for the first few days - everything you see on the news and the worried comments made by loved ones about how you'll be murdered in your sleep get into your head more than you care to admit. Honestly, I haven't adjusted to this new lifestyle yet and there are times that I want to jump on a train and return to the quiet, slow-paced village life that I was accustomed to in Devon. 

It is definitely a big change but I have tried to focus on enjoying the little things. I have been walking a lot more and taking the buses to different areas nearby. I went to Greenwich Market and I browsed the stalls and bought myself a pulled pork toastie (mostly because it contained gherkins and mustard which the baby seems to love) and a cranberry and raspberry juice which I devoured sat beside a huge ship on the waterfront. The other evening, I travelled into Covent Garden where my husband was working and we walked around looking at the big lights and eating McFlurrys.

I feel like London is a whole other world. There is so much to do, so many people, so many different areas. It is intense. I can understand why people are desperate to exchange their London life for a more relaxed one in a leafy suburb in Kent. But I can also see why so many people are drawn to London. Some days I have woken up feeling excited to jump onto a bus and tour around the city sipping Starbucks coffees and pretending to be a tourist. Other days I wake up and the constant hum of traffic and people is too much and I start to dream of the life we had in the Lake District where you go walking in the mountains and dip into family run coffee shops and everybody knows everybody. But I think only time will tell if this is the right place for us. For now, I am focusing on enjoying everything London has to offer.

Would you ever live in London? Where would you say is the best place to live in the UK?


  1. This was written in such a lovely way. You're right when you say London has a certain appeal. Wishing you and your family luck in adjusting! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Greenwich is a beautiful part of the city! Congrats on the move and the baby news. Such an exciting time. I've always though that London is too intense a lifestyle to bring up children, but I've come around to the idea lately. We'd love to start trying for our first in a year or so, and we're definitely not ready to give up London life! I think it would be an exciting and rewarding childhood. Good luck to you both :) x


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