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10 Things You Need To Start Carrying In Your Handbag

I am a rather disorganised person. I never text back or reply to emails quick enough. I am always late to pretty much everything. And I have missed more buses than I care to admit. But one thing that I try to be organised in is my handbag. For me, the worst thing in the world is when you stick your hand into your bag to find something and are met with a sticky hell of melted sweets, cereal bar crumbs, and stray five pence pieces. For that reason, I routinely sort through my bag and keep everything in order. And after years of being a handbag wearer, I like to think I have learnt quite a few things about what is absolutely necessary to carry in your handbag. It would be rude not to share this wisdom, right? So, I have made a list in the hope that I can help free someone else from their own sticky, oaty handbag hell.

Sweets and/or mints
This may seem counter-intuitive seen as these are the very culprits of the melted sweet situation but a handbag just isn't the same without them. It is really important to me that I have mints on my person at all times. Mostly because I really like garlic. Also little mints and sweets are a great way to bribe small children into behaving/stopping screaming about being hungry.

I can never tell if this is excessive or just a really great idea but I never go anywhere without a plaster in my bag. 90% of the time, you won't need them but do you know how many good wife points you get when your husband scrapes his ankle and you just whip out your plasters and have him bandaged up in seconds? It's a lot of good wife points, I can assure you. So many it could even result in you being given choice of what to watch on Netflix and being bought chocolate. Worth it.

Face wipes
You never know when you'll end up staying out late or, more likely for me, spilling something on your top. Face wipes are perfect because you can use them for all the usual wipe jobs but they're also there if you need them for removing makeup or if you forget to pack your cleanser.

I am pretty much the British version of Beyoncé - I may not carry hot sauce but I do always have ketchup to hand. I like to keep those little sachets they give you in McDonald's just in case I am ever caught short on the red sauce front. Also this is another one which is perfect for when you are out with kids because kids can never have enough ketchup. Feel free to swap this for your preference in sauces.

It seems pretty obvious but, guys, please carry water in your bag. You'll all get dehydrated and turn into human versions of prunes. I don't want to see that happen.

This may be another slightly excessive one but I carry stamps in my purse. Yes, I have had strangers comment on this - apparently, I 'must have been a girl guide since I'm so organised'. But sometimes you need to pick up a card for a birthday at the last minute and don't want to walk all the way home to get a stamp then walk back to the postbox so it is just easier to carry stamps with you so you post the card as soon as you scribble down the address. Right? Ok, I know this one is a stretch but you never know when you'll need a stamp.

Pen and paper
Yes, everyone has a phone on them at all times but in a whimsical old-world kinda way, I like to carry a pen and a small notebook to jot things down in. Also a book is a good shout for when your phone runs out of battery but still don't want to have to interact with other human beings around you (because why would you?). Also phone batteries hardly last any time so maybe another good idea is packing a charger too - if you're feeling organised.

Carrier bag
Since what was arguably the biggest British controversy of our generation - the introduction of a five pence charge on carrier bags - I have become militant about carrying a carrier bag with me everywhere. No-one is getting their hands on the five pences I have peeled off the bottom of my bag.

This is another one that you'd assume everyone would carry but you'd be surprised that not so many people actually do. I couldn't survive without having lipbalm with me everywhere I go. I carry about 3 different varieties with me - including an apple spice one because I am at one with the seasons.

I find that all of my makeup manages to cling to my face throughout the day pretty well. All but my base. I find that my foundation starts to rub off in certain areas (especially my chin and nose??) which transforms me into some kinda impressionist white and pink mosiac. So, I always carry concealer to dot on those areas that I have the most trouble with.

So, there we have it: my 10 things that I always carry in my handbag. Of course, I always carry my purse and phone too but I wanted to share the more random items I swear by. I'd love to hear what you guys carry in your handbags and if anyone else shares my obsession with handbag organisation.


  1. I always carry painkillers and plasters in my bag - I can't remember the last time I actually used any for myself, but over the years I've handed out quite a lot of paracetamol and ibuprofen and patched up many blisters. Maybe it's the doctor in me?! I agree with you on the stamps, although I haven't got any at the moment, I did used to keep a book of stamps in my purse.

    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. I always carry paracetamol too! Sometimes I feel like I could open a mini chemist based on the contents of my handbag haha

  2. I don't really have a handbag myself but I feel like my mum really needs to read this post so thank you!


  3. I need to start carrying a carrier bag or tote bag in my handbag for all those 'pop into the shops' moments!

    Sara - Flemingo

    1. You should!! I always feel annoyed at myself when I get to the till and realise I left my carrier bag at home


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