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Things I Do To Make A Bad Day Brighter

Bad days are an unavoidable part of life. Even the most bubbly, sunshiny person in the world has an off day every now and then. I believe that taking care of your mental health is super important - just as important as taking care of your physical health - so I wanted to share a couple of things that I do when I'm having an off day to lift my spirits.

Cry it out
I find that sometimes all I need to feel a bit better is to ugly cry to a bit of Taylor Swift. It is natural that we bottle up things through the weeks and don't allow ourselves to really feel our emotions properly. A cry is a good way to release all these negative emotions you have stored away.

Talk to someone
Talking to someone is a great way to overcome any unhappiness you may be feeling. Whether you want to talk to a counsellor or let loose on your best friend, talking about what you're struggling with can really help. If you don't feel ready to talk about how you're feeling directly, I find that a chat with someone you are close to about anything from that new palette that has just dropped to who has been kicked off Bake Off this week can really help.

Do something nice for someone else
I find that channelling these negative emotions into doing something positive for someone can be a great way to feel a little better. When I am sad, I like to bake for my husband because it makes me feel better seeing his face light up coming home to his favourite snacks. Although I might not be feeling happy, it makes me feel a bit better knowing that I am responsible for making someone else happy.

Listen to something inspirational
When I don't feel my best, I like to listen to girl power ballads and songs that make me feel like I could conquer the world. For almost a year, I listened to Maya Angelou's reading of Still I Rise every morning as I did my makeup. I found great comfort in these words and, knowing Maya Angelou's personal story, it made me feel like if she could manage to get up everyday and achieve so much then why can't I?

Occupy your time
When you're feeling rough, it can be easy to want to hide away in your bed and never come out. This is normal and sometimes you just have to give in and allow yourself that time to recover. But, on such days, I like to try to do at least one thing so that I don't feel like I have wasted an entire day. This can be anything from tidying my room to doing the laundry. I find that if I have managed to accomplish something - even something small - I feel better about myself.

Be kind to yourself
Remember that everyone has days like this. Be kind to yourself. Do things that make you happy. It is so easy to think badly of yourself and compare yourself to those around you and their insta-perfect lives but try to overcome this negativity. Your feelings are valid and you are valid.

Social media blackout
Sometimes it is best to distance yourself from social media when you are feeling a bit down. Journal your thoughts rather than sharing them with everyone online as you may later regret posting what you did when you were feeling down. Also, when you already feel a bit grotty, there seems to be a weird force that pulls you towards Facebook stalking every ex you ever had - and their new partner, and their partner's brother/cousin/uncle/hairdresser - until you find yourself feeling even worse because what if that guy that you dated in year 9 was the one?! Sometimes it's best to turn off completely.

In case you are having more bad days than good, here are a few links to different websites and phone numbers that I'd advise you check out. Also don't be afraid to contact your GP or talk to someone you trust if you seem to be feeling down more often than you used to.

Mind - 0300 123 3393
Samaritans - 116 123 
Childline (under 19) - 0800 1111
Sane - 0300 304 7000


  1. Sometimes a good cry does a world of good, I'm totally with you on that!!

    Great post x

    Faded Windmills

  2. Haha nothing like a good ugly cry! Lovely post :)

    Anika xo |

  3. Sometimes having a good cry is SO therapeutic! - Amy

    1. Exactly! My husband says that I have a big cry every fortnight so it doesn't worry him anymore - it is like he has drawn me up a schedule haha

  4. These are really helpful tips, and the #1 tip is really true. Sometimes you just have to let it all out :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

    1. Thank you! I agree - we bottle too much up and sometimes it is best just to let loose

  5. These are such good ideas, I like turning my phone off and just spending some quiet time in my room when I'm having a bad day.

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

    1. That sounds like the perfect remedy! Sometimes social media can get a bit much for me so I like to have some quiet


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