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Spooky Fun At Wookey Hole

There is nothing I love more than a little bit of spooky fun. I can't handle horror but anything that has a slight novelty feel to it is an instant win with me. So, when my mum suggested we go on a family day out to Wookey Hole, I was mega excited. I mean, who wouldn't want to explore caves that are famous for once being the home of a real, live witch? Also I was pretty psyched to buy some cave cheese. They also do cave wine and cider which sounds amazing and I am really considering investing on a few bottles to put in my hospital bag for once the baby is out.

After a long journey along a lot of windy country lanes (thanks, SatNav), we finally found ourselves at Wookey Hole. This part of the day was less spooky horror, more family comedy involving a road trip and a fair amount of shouting and sulking. Kids and cars really don't mix. But once we were finally out of the car and queuing up to get into Wookey Hole, we all started to feel a little more excited. Especially seeing a few members of staff milling around with green painted faces and wearing witch costumes. And seeing a café selling ice-cream.

Due to it being super busy on that day, the man at the desk advised us not to head straight to the caves but to look around a few of the other attractions first. So, we took his advice and found a clown museum. I, for one, find clowns so creepy. Just the whole fake smile thing creeps me out. And the new IT movie being released has taught me that I am really not alone in this. I mean, who even like clowns really? The mini museum was quite interesting and I liked seeing the pictures of clowns from early 1900s circuses - those guys really take the biscuit for clown creepiness. I have not visited many clown museums in my lifetime so it was interesting to read more about the history of the whole thing but I definitely wouldn't want to be left alone in there.

We then headed through to where they had a big amusement arcade full of old arcade machines. They had been adapted to accept special tokens which you could purchase. I loved the nostalgic vibe of the whole place and I even got my fortune read on one of the machines. My sisters loved the machines that predicted their futures and, of course, trying out the old penny slots.

We then headed out to have a picnic and grab some Marshfield ice-cream from the café. I chose banana ice-cream because I have really been craving everything containing bananas lately - which is kinda strange because I usually hate banana. Full of ice-cream and snacks, we then headed into the caves.

The caves were really dark inside with only some areas illuminated with artificial lighting. We were dodging low-hanging rocks and puddles of water the whole time. Our guide told us the folk story about the witch who used to live in these caves and the coldness and darkness really added to the whole spooky atmosphere. I couldn't help but imagine what would happen if a rock suddenly fell blocking our path or if a body of water leaked from somewhere filling the whole cave - as you can tell, I am ever the optimist. For the end of the tour, we had to wear hard hats as the area had been excavated more recently than the rest of the parts and there was a risk of falling rocks - I was convinced this was the end.

Thankfully, we all made it out alive. I may have been slightly melodramatic as no-one has ever had any issues visiting the caves (that I know of anyway). We then were able to go to the gift shop and check out all the yummy cheese and other cave goodies. They even had fudge!

I would highly recommend a trip to Wookey Hole - especially if you have kids as it is a great family day out. I would love to go back for all their Halloween events to experience the spooky factor cranked up to capacity.

Have you ever been to Wookey Hole? Where is your favourite spooky location in the UK?


  1. Aw I used to visit here loads on the way to Devon for our annual family holiday! Such a fun location, I'd love to re-visit one day!


  2. I went to Wookey Hole with my family as a kid, but I would love to go back! I really want to explore the caves again

    Steph -


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