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Autumn Bucket List

I don't think I could call myself a blogger if I wasn't completely obsessed with autumn. I mean, it comes with the territory, right? As the weather get a little bit crisper, I start to dream of cosy nights in curled up with a good book and drinking hot chocolate with mountains of whipped cream. Although I will be a little bit sad to wave goodbye to the long summer days, I am intending to throw myself wholeheartedly into everything autumnal.

Add to my chunky knitwear collection
I have to admit, summer fashion often has me at a loss. All the pastels and bright colours aren't really my cup of tea and I struggle to feel truly comfortable in a dress - especially when it ends up with me being sunburnt pretty much from head to toe. Don't even get me started on being pregnant during summer and trying to find something that isn't a glorified lilac tent to wear. I am far more comfortable in a comfy knitted jumper, some ripped jeans, and a paired of heeled boots. This season, I want to invest in some knits in burnt orange and mustard. Also burgundy always make a comeback around September which is something that I support 100%. And my beanie is feeling a bit lonely so I think this year I need to get him a friend or two.

Bake everything
Nothing quite screams autumn like spending a rainy day indoors baking delicious sugary snacks. I love baking anything that has cinnamon in it at this time of year because it fills the whole kitchen with such a warm, sweet scent. I want to make gingerbread, banana loaf, and coffee cake first of all then I'd also love to challenge myself with more difficult bakes like baked Alaska cake and pastries. Heck, I might even make croissants.

Make smores
Along the same lines, I want to make smores. Probably I will end up cheating and just make microwave ones but nothing beats the melted marshmallow and chocolate combination of a smore. Maybe I could do it on the BBQ? Is that a thing?

Drink all the hot chocolate
Would it be a stretch to introduce a new hot chocolate testing series to my blog? It would be a great excuse to tour all the local cafes and rank their hot chocolates. My favourite is still Caffé Nero's but maybe their title will be challenged this year - who knows?!

Explore some new cities
I have the travel itch (not the kind you catch in Magaluf) and I really want to spend autumn travelling to new cities, staying in posh hotels, and indulging in a buffet breakfast. My budget might not stretch to the European cities I have in mind but there are definitely spots in the UK that I am yet to visit. Especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Binge watch all the Halloween films
I am really not a fan of horror films but I love films that are a little bit spooky. Especially when they are theatrical and maybe just a little bit camp. I love The Addams Family and intend to be channelling my inner Morticia from the minute the leaves start to turn orange. Other favourites of mine are Carry On Screaming and Rocky Horror. Can't beat those spooky, camp vibes.

Create a spooky autumn reading list
Now that I've finished uni, I want to delve into all the books I missed out on whilst I was studying. I want to read all the spooky books and get myself prepared for Halloween.

Try a pumpkin spice latte
Can you believe I have never actually had a pumpkin spice latte? I know, I have let down white women everywhere. The idea of a drink containing pumpkin has kinda put me off in the past but I am going to conquer my pumpkin anxiety and try one. Hopefully it won't be as much of a let down as matcha tea was for me.

Celebrate Halloween properly
I have been working on Halloween every year for as long as I can remember but this year I won't be. Despite the fact that I will be very pregnant by that stage, I intend to actually do something to mark the occasion. I just have to make sure I steer clear of spicy food to avoid the baby making a surprise appearance.

Go to a fireworks display
Once again, this is probably slightly unrealistic as I will pretty much be full term by Bonfire Night but I'd love to watch a fireworks display - even if it is just out my bedroom window (or the window at the maternity unit - eep!). Nothing beats an evening wrapped up in coats and scarfs watching a big bonfire and a firework display. Preferably with hot dogs and hot chocolate too.

Visit Wookey Hole
Wookey Hole is the absolute best place to visit at this time of year. I mean, it is a series of caves and the employees are dressed up as witches. Nothing gets more Halloweeny than that! I haven't been there in absolutely ages so I would love to visit again.

Try painting
This is a slightly less season related one but I would love to attempt to paint some little A5 cards with acrylic paint. I keep seeing everyone on Twitter posting pics of their incredible artwork and it has inspired me to try to give it a go myself. Maybe I can paint orange leaves to make it autumnal?

What do you want to do this autumn? What is your favourite Halloween film?


  1. Autumn is defo my favourite season and I really want to just watch the leaves fall off trees as I walk to class every morning!

    P.s I'd so read a hotchocolate review series :)

    1. It is amazing, right? Maybe I should take it international and tour the world reviewing hot chocolate haha

  2. Ah I love Autumn and Halloween so much. Autumn is my favourite season and I'm so excited to do everything you listed. - Amy

    1. It's mine too! I'm excited to post some autumn themed blog posts soon!

  3. This is such a cool bucket list! I find PSLs a bit overrated - they're too sweet for me, haha! I love hot choc, though! Can't wait to watch all the movies and get all cozy!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


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