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Small Changes I'm Making To Become A More Ethical Consumer

For the longest time, I bought everything blindly. I would buy makeup based on what had the cutest packaging and whichever body lotion had a recognisable brand name. It was only when I started following more vegan and cruelty free bloggers that I started to consider the impact my weekly shop could be having on the environment, animals, the local economy, and even my own body. So, I decided that I wanted to start making a few small changes with the intention of eventually using exclusively cruelty free products and to be living a more 'green' life.

Although it has been difficult trying to strike a balance between living affordably and consuming ethically, I have made some small changes so far which I think are a good basis to work from.

Read the label
This is a very simple one but it is more difficult than you'd think to remember to check the label when you're used to just chucking whatever has the shiniest packaging into the basket. A good place to start is checking the label for the bunny logo which shows the product wasn't tested on animals. It is also good to look at the ingredients. I tend to steer clear of products with a huge list of chemicals because I worry about the effect these chemicals could be having on my body. Although, obviously, in things like soap you can't avoid chemicals but I live by the idea that the less chemicals the product includes, the better.

Shop local
As much as Tesco are really doing an amazing job lately with scrapping the tampon tax on their sanitary products and highlighting that not all disabilities are visible on their disabled toilets, I like to shop local when I can. My favourite thing is buy fresh fruit and veg from a market stall and picking up local, free range eggs. Also butchers shops are great for getting meat that you know was bread and killed locally. Even just buying your cappuccino from an independent coffee shop rather than from Starbucks can be a great way to invest into your local economy and get a tasty treat whilst you're at it.

Support cruelty free shops
As much as this may go against what I just said about shopping local, there are some amazing chain shops that are all about that cruelty free life. Shops like Superdrug, Lush, and Body Shop are great spots to start your ethical consumer journey. Also, in terms of drinks, I always recommend buying from Innocent due to the lack of added chemicals and the fact they give 10% of all profits to charity.

Shop second hand
If you can't afford to fully ditch fast fashion, try shopping second hand. Scout charity shops, eBay, Depop, and other places to find some cute new clothes. I fully understand the pull of Primark when money is tight but even if you only buy a couple of things second hand, this small change is still hugely positive. If second hand isn't your cup of tea then try H&M Conscious and ASOS's Made in Kenya range.

Fair Trade
When you're buying things like coffee and chocolate, try to opt for ones with the fairtrade logo. This means the manufacturer was paid a sustainable, living wage for creating your chocolatey goodies. Also it is a great excuse to buy more chocolate.

Read cruelty free bloggers
There are so many amazing bloggers out there with helpful tips and tricks to live a cruelty free life. If you type 'cruelty free blogger' into Twitter or Instagram, all their cheerful faces will pop up and they will be able to help you along your ethical consumer journey.

Have you considered becoming a more ethical consumer? What are your best tips and tricks?


  1. I'm really trying to do the same! I need to start looking out for the bunny logo before, but I have started to switch up my toiletries buying routines by cutting down on my plastic waste and buying more from places like LUSH and The Body Shop

    Steph -

    1. It's difficult to remember to check!! That's one thing I need to start doing too - cutting down on my plastic waste. Maybe using bars of soap instead of shower gel would be a good place to start

  2. I'm trying to make little changes to become totally cruelty free starting with make up and cleaning products. Every little helps in my opinion <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. Exactly! I'm starting with makeup too and opting for own brand products in terms of cleaning from places like co-op that are cruelty free

  3. I've decided to refocus my blog on ethical beauty, so I'm trying to implement these principles into my life.



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