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Fossil Hunting In Charmouth

As a kid, I had a huge obsession with gemstones and shells. I would scour the beaches looking for the prettiest, most colourful little seashells to add to my collection. During our holidays to Cornwall, I would always spend my money buying those little baskets full of all different exotic shells and maybe even a starfish if I was lucky. My room was a treasure trove of sparkly gems. My love for gems and shells never really wore off so when my parents suggested we go on a day out to Charmouth to look for fossils, I was rather excited.

My little sister had recently been to the Jurassic Coast on a school trip so she was super excited about explaining to us how fossils are formed and the different types of fossils that are common to the area - she was basically our nine year old tour guide. In true British form, half the country had flocked to the beach at the slightest hint of sunshine so we had to trek along the pebbles for quite a while before we found a spot that wasn't too busy. The first thing that we noticed, apart from the blazing heat and the fact that we only had a tiny bottle of sun-cream that I had found in the bottom of my handbag, was a bullet. Yep, a bullet. Which I had pretty much sat on. It was an old one and it had apparently never been fired. We all got pretty excited imagining that it had washed up from some naval ship or something. My sister then suggested that we start digging around for some fossils and we actually managed to find a fair few interesting rocks and even a couple of pieces of fossil.

After we had fully excavated where we had chosen to sit, we decided to head down to the water as the tide was just going out and we thought that'd be the prime location to find something. We sat down on the pebbles by the sea and delved our hands into the water upturning rocks. Alongside a fair few crabs and shrimp, we managed to find some real fossils - and no one fell in the water which is another win if you ask me.

After all that geology, we decided it was time to indulge in some relaxing beach activities. We paddled our toes in the (freezing) sea and got ice-creams. We did want to also pick up some chips but the queue stretched for miles and all that science had really made us tired. Our final port of call was the gift shop which was full of every type of gemstone you could imagine. I could have spent all my money in there. I eventually chose a slice of bright pink agate because who could say no to a bright pink gemstone.

Have you ever visited the Jurassic Coast?


  1. Sounds like such a fun day out! I love rock hunting--there's an island in the Great Lakes near Michigan, where I'm from, that has so many cool rocks--I've spent many hours there turning up interesting fossils!

    1. That sounds amazing!! It'd be awesome to travel somewhere different and compare the fossils there to the ones here - or is that super nerdy? Haha

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  3. I've not visited this area but would love to, as I adore the coast. I love spending days looking in rockpools and hunting for fossils. I can't wait to do it with our little one! - Amy

    1. You really should visit sometime! People tend to overlook Devon and head to Cornwall instead but it's definitely a gorgeous area. Family days out at the beach are the best - I'm excited for that too!

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