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An Open Letter To My Pregnancy Body

Dear Pregnancy Body,

Society has tried to pit us against each other. They have made me feel self-conscious of the stretch marks that meander like rivers across my hips and imbed themselves in the soft skin between my armpits and breasts. I catch myself pressing my thumbs into my doughy thighs as I look at pictures of my pre-pregnancy body. I stand in the mirror and jiggle the loose skin at the top of my arms and sometimes I lose sight of how special you are. Society simultaneously exults and shames you. Everyone has an opinion on you. Apparently I am carrying well. My bump is neat. I don't know what makes this body neat - what makes it acceptable. They want me to be big but not too big. They want me to glow and be a picture of idealised womanhood.

Pregnancy Body, you aren't this ideal. You are a messy, crazy, hormone-filled miracle. You are the home to my first born child and you are beautiful. You are the painful spots on my chin and the swelling of my ankles. You are bigger than the boxes they try to put you in. Pregnancy Body, you are the hairs that stand like whiskers on my stomach and the biggest middle finger to society that tries to call you unattractive. You are sexy and you are strong.

When we have to part ways, they will expect me to quickly cut all ties with you. As my bump deflates like a party balloon slowly losing its air at the end of the night, they expect me to shrink. They want me to return to how I was before I met you. Brush you under the carpet. They have creams to hide the scars, surgery to plump my breasts and to remodel my stomach. The souvenirs of this journey have to be stored away. I need to be attractive again. Pregnancy Body, they don't really find you attractive. You serve a purpose. Once your work is done, they expect you to vanish.

Pregnancy Body, you are the ship that carries my child to my arms. Your timbers creak and your sails are starting to fray at the edges. But I am proud of you. I will jiggle you in defiance and learn that someone commenting on how much the baby is growing is not the same as calling me fat. Pregnancy Body, you are a constellation of beauty and strength. You are a map of my baby's growth and a map of my own growth.

You found me a woman and you will leave me a mother.


  1. Wow, you are such an amazing writer. Congrats on your pregnancy. I love this article, we really need to embrace our pregnant bodies. I will try to do that when the time comes, thank you!
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog <3

    1. Thank you, that means a lot! I loved reading your blog, I'll definitely be back!

  2. A pregnant woman is a beautiful woman, i love how you write. Perfecto


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