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25 Week Pregnancy Update

For someone who hasn't even written a pregnancy announcement post, jumping straight into a 25 week update seems a little strange. But I felt like I had left it a little late to do an announcement since I have announced it on social media months ago. But, in case you didn't hear, I am having a baby! As is probably quite clear to see.

Lately, I have been feeling very big. I felt big before but now I have ballooned and I feel like Aunt Marge in that infamous Harry Potter scene. Or Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - minus the purpleness. I can just about still fit into some of my old clothes but I have discovered maternity leggings and there is really no turning back now. If it isn't black and jersey, I won't be wearing it. But for the purposes of having some nice maternity pics to look back on, I occasionally wear floaty dresses and wander through the woods Wuthering Heights style.

In terms of the whole pregnancy thing, I am feeling normal. Worryingly normal. I thought I would be all achey and swollen by now but I am still really active. I love going for walks (I walked 5 miles the other evening to get a Big Mac). I am finding that I am getting tired quicker and I get sleepy a lot earlier but it really is nothing like how I imagined I would be feeling at this stage.

The Little One (yes, that's the official name) moves about a bit after I have eaten or when I am lying down. But she seems to be a little lazy. It is nice to see that she is taking after me already. She also seems to really like cheese and pickle. And I love cheese and pickle. So, that was a good choice of craving on her part. Other than cheese and pickle, I have been really drawn to fresh fruits. Any really juicy fruits like peaches or melon. And, strangely, I get cravings for microwave lasagne around 1am. My husband refuses to get up at 1am to make me lasagne - how unreasonable!

I feel like there isn't much to mention about this part of the pregnancy. The first trimester was exhausting and I felt sick almost all the time but that disappeared when I hit 12 weeks. The last 14 weeks have been a breeze, in all honesty. At one stage, I thought there must have been some mistake and that I wasn't actually pregnant after all. But the baby is definitely still in there and everything is normal - according to the scans and midwives who I keep calling when I am worried. I am pretty certain that I will be wishing to be back at this stage in a few weeks when I get closer to my due date. It feels like the calm before the storm.

For now, I am just relaxing with a block of cheese and looking at cringey baby grows on Etsy (I found one that said 'I just did 9 months inside' on it. I am going to buy it - I have no shame).

Dress - H&M (here)
Sandals - New Look (similar)
Watch - Accurist (similar)

Let me know what kind of pregnancy related posts you'd like to see. I have a first trimester experience post coming up but I'd love to hear some feedback on what you'd like to see.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Completely missed all previous announcements :) You look absolutely stunning in that dress, and so pleased to hear your pregnancy is going smoothly xxx

  2. Omgosh, you look sooo beautiful! I love that you still look hella glamorous. Congratulations!!

    T x

  3. Aw you look super glamorous -I've been living in PJs haha- and your bump is beautiful. I felt like I increased in size overnight too around that time, excellent description haha X

    Amy -


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