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Escaping The Cycle Of Throwaway Fashion

If I calculated the amount I spend on clothes in a year, I think it'd make me turn green in the face. The problem is that I'm addicted to throwaway fashion. I love a bargain. I buy something knowing that in a couple of months it'll probably be heading towards the charity shop. But, in the long run, I end up spending more replacing these items. It seems my wardrobe has revolving doors. 

But sometimes I manage to hold onto a couple of items. Items that I still love but can't really compete with the shiny, new things in my wardrobe. But I want to change that. I don't want to keep buying clothes then replacing them. Sure, I love to shop but I want to start investing in quality pieces. Pieces that will last and I will still love a month later. So, I wanted to share with you my main tips for how to escape the cycle of throwaway fashion. 

Be willing to pay more for a quality item 

This may seem counterproductive as a way to spend less money but hear me out. If an item is well made, it'll last longer and it'll still look good months later. An example of this is my favourite (faux)  leather jacket. I spent around £50 on it in Topshop and it still looks like new. I'm not saying you should hit up Gucci but shopping in places like Topshop, Zara, River Island, and ASOS will ensure your new items last that little bit longer. 

Know your style 

I am the worst at this. I know what I like but something changes in me when I'm inside those clothes shops. My style is quite casual and consists of a lot of black but somehow I leave the shops with a bag full of pink and sequins and ruffles. Of course it is good to experiment but make sure you're buying things that you actually like rather than just going with the trend. 

Avoid the old dieting line 

We've all said it - 'I'm buying it to wear once I've lost weight'. Your diet may be a success and you may reach your goal weight but how do you know where the weight will come off? Will it fit you right once your body is a different shape? Will you still like it then? Buy clothes for the body you have now. 

Experiment with what you already have 

It's easy to get tired of the same t-shirt and jeans combo and feel the need to hit the shops. But first try pairing the clothes you have differently. That shirt dress you have could look awesome worn unbuttoned as a jacket over jeans and a t-shirt. Try pairing your cropped jumper with a bodycon dress. Some combos may seem weird but it can actually work when it is on. 

What tips do you have?

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