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Exploring Devon's Coastline

There are many things in Britain that are pretty much guaranteed. Queues, a Greggs on every corner, and someone trying to push a cup of tea on you are just a handful of examples. What cannot be guaranteed is the weather. Planning a day out in Britain is like trying to tame a bull. Just when you think the weather has been nice, the temperature plummets down to 8 degrees and you are frantically pulling the contents of your handbag out to find your umbrella (spoiler alert: you only find sunglasses and suncream). 

So, way back in May when we decided to take a little trip to the beach, I wasn't shocked to be met with gale force winds. But what that did mean was an afternoon spent on a pretty much empty beach. Which was favourable because we got slightly over-excited at the prospect of penny slots, ice cream, fish and chips, and rock pooling for a group of adults with only one child in the party. 

Westward Ho! has always been one of my favourite seaside destinations. Not only does it's name have buckets of comedic potential, it has all the trappings of a cute, British seaside town. It has the typical tourist gift shops, a few cute caf├ęs and fish and chip shops, as much  Hockings ice cream as anyone can stomach, and a lovely beach that has mixture of pebbles, rock pool areas, and sand. For this reason, it is super busy in the summer. And lots of jelly fish tend to wash up there which freaks me out.

But the best time, in my opinion, to go to the beach is in the evening. Nothing beats a walk along the sand once the weather has cooled a little. Especially if fish and chips is involved and, of course, fish and chips is always involved if you're with me.

Have you ever visited any of the beaches in Devon? Where would you recommend I travel to next?


  1. Looks great! Love a day at the seaside. I'm going to Devon for 4 nights in August- I can't wait! I recommend Chester where I grew up if you fancy a city break. Angelsey also has some stunning beaches!

    1. Ooh, which part are you visiting? Enjoy!!
      I've been wanting to visit Chester - I've heard good things. I don't know much about Anglesey. I'll have to Google it haha

    2. Think it's near Tavistock at a little holiday let. Chester's great for both history and shopping plus it's not too big to wander around! definitely Google, north Wales has some lovely spots :)


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