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What To Expect From An English Literature Degree

I am coming to the end of my BA in English Literature and it has been a real journey. In a few months, I will no longer be a student (unless I mess up and have to retake a year). So, I thought I would share with you my experiences of studying a degree in English.

Contact hours so low they may as well be wearing apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur
Sometimes it feels like a bit of a scam that you are paying £9000 a year for about 10 hours a week of classes. But it is also nice to have the time to watch reruns of Big Bang Theory on E4 - oh, I mean to use the time productively for studying... *guiltily looks up at TV which is playing Big Bang at 3pm*

So many women
Women are actually the best. We are innovative and imaginative and intelligent. But when we bring out the big gun topics like gender issues, you kinda wish more guys were there to be informed on our opinions.

Jane Eyre
Is it just my uni or are all English departments obsessed with this novel? I mean, I love it but I read it when I was in primary for fun (cool kid) then at GCSE then at A Level and at least 3 times as part of my degree. There is only so much analysis you can do of a book you have read 10 times.

The reading
Ok, you kind of expect a lot of reading from an English degree but the sheer volume of novels I have in my room now is astonishing. I could probably create my own house using books as bricks. Expect about 3 novels a week as primary reading.

Authors from across the globe
I gotta hand it to English department at my uni, they have really introduced me to a range of authors that I wouldn't have otherwise come across. My favourite so far has been The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and anything by Toni Morrison.

No exams
This is one thing that I love about my course. We are set assignments of usually about 3000 words or less at the end of each term. Personally, I like not having the pressure of an exam but the lack of pressure does make me a little lazy and means I end up leaving the assignment until the night before more often than not. Admittedly, I only got two hours sleep last night because I had a mid term due in today. I am currently buzzing after I drank roughly a litre of coffee.

Creative response
You read a book. You get the option of writing a short story or poem based on what you have read as your assessment. Is this heaven? I would do this for fun.

No, I am not going to become a teacher
Whenever anyone asks me this, I respond with 'trouble is that I don't like children'. I am planning to throw a cackle and a disappearance into a cloud of smoke into the mix soon.

Are you at uni? What are you studying?


  1. I am a dropout I couldn't handle the pressure

    1. It definitely takes a lot of stamina to finish


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