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New jeans, who dis?
You know that moment when you see something from the other side of the shop and instantly fall in love? That was me and these jeans. Love at first sight. Despite being a bit tight on the ankles (have I started storing fat on my ankles?!?), they are otherwise perfect. You can get them from New Look here.

Living with my man
As you may have seen on my insta (*plugplugplug*), my man recently moved in with me. So, we took a lot of photos to mark the occasion. Naturally, I look like the witch of Wookey in all of them but I liked this one because of my little cheery face. And notice my man's 'made in Uganda' top - my mum bought him that.
Is it insulting that I mentioned the jeans before my man moving in? Oops!

Need I say more? I've been eating lots of scotch pancakes with red berries and honey. Don't tell my diet. I mean, it has fruit on it, right?

My dad is Jewish?!
You would have thought all the jewfros in my family would have given it away but no! My dad recently did a DNA test since he wanted to discover his ancestry and found out that his maternal line is all European Jew. Exciting, eh?

International Women's Day
A belated happy Women's Day to you all! I spent the day donning red lipstick (and worrying about whether it is on my teeth or if I have smudged it) and debating with my husband about gender roles. Being a blogger puts me in the path of many brilliant women who inspire me. I have read so many blog posts yesterday addressing the problems we, as a gender, still face. And I am happy to see more people focus on intersectional feminism as we need to fight for women of all classes, races, nationalities, and ages. Not just the privileged few.
This picture was made by my amazing friend Becky who is super talented and you should all check her out. She's a good egg. You can find her insta here.

Tymbark Drinks & Other Polish Goodies
A new Polish shop opened near me in Cardiff and everything is delicious. This drink is outrageously good and their gingerbread cakes and their breadsticks. Lord knows all my paycheck is gonna go straight to their pocket.

Ors Curls Unleashed
My curls are singing the praises of this hair smoothie. It smells yummy and you get a huge tub for your money. And it actually works! Would highly recommend for all curl types. You can get it in Boots or on their website.

How have you been spending your time lately?

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