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Day In The Life of a Student: Valentine's Day

In all honesty, I was dreading today. My husband is about 100 miles away and I didn't want to just spend the whole day moping around and writing bitter things on Twitter (@TheEmeraldDove, in case you're into bitterness and gifs). So I decided to spend the day treating myself and buying in to this whole self-love movement - well, as much as I could on a budget. Why doesn't Topshop seem to understand that I have no money? Stop thrusting your beautiful clothes in my face! But it didn't turn out to be as miserable a day as I had anticipated which, I think, is rather nice.

I started the day by having a lie in (well, as much of a lie in as I could get with my 8 year old sister calling me to discuss plans for us going shopping tomorrow). I decided that it would be nice to have a face mask to wake up my skin a little before jumping in the shower. The face mask that I have been using is by Quick Fix and is a charcoal and cinnamon one - it smells kinda Christmassy. I then had a glass of the smoothie I made last night consisting of frozen red berries, Alpro coconut milk, and cranberry and raspberry juice. It was nice - albeit full of pips. Next time I want to try one with bananas to give it a smoother texture but adding coconut milk was definitely a good decision.

I then brought myself to finally getting ready after scrolling through Instagram for ages (seriously, I'm addicted - check me out at @laurenmusinguzi). I was going to wear this grey top which has a peplum hem with my new asos necklace but when I went outside, I realised it is perishing and ran back inside to change into a huge jumper. I opted for a red lip because Valentine's Day and wore my new favourite fragrance from Zara which my husband actually chose for me for Christmas. On my fingers I have my Topshop stacking rings and my OPI nail varnish. Can you spot which one is my wedding ring? Clue: it's not a midi ring.

After I had dressed, I realised I hadn't actually prepared anything for my seminar on Women in the 1700s so I had to do a quick whizz through the lecture hand out and make an attempt as compiling something that made sense. Note: my prep was of no use because I was hugely confused by the whole thing. Mostly because it was poetry and I don't get poetry at all.

I decided it would be nice to go for a wander around town and get a snack before I headed to my two hour seminar. I chose this Higgidy Pie and an Innocent smoothie which I got from Boots and they were both delicious. The seminar was quite long and I didn't wholly understand the poetry but we discussed some really interesting topics such as motherhood and the comeback of motherhood as a fashionable thing after the rejection of it in the 90s in favour of careers and the influence of social media on the family unit.

I rounded the day off with a pizza and a hair wash. I didn't actually realise that there was a buy one get one free deal on and I accidentally ended up with two pizzas. I put one of them in the freezer and devoured the other. Who needs romantic meals when you can have a whole pizza to yourself?

How did you spend Valentine's Day?


  1. I really like these type of posts- I'm so nosey! What shade is the OPI? Looks lovely! I did nothing for Valentine's day,apart from watch some Takeshi's Castle and have fish fingers and beans for tea 😂 would have much preferred a pizza!

    1. It's from their Germany collection - Susi and the Seven Duesseldorfs.
      Ahh pizza is certainly always the best option!

  2. interesting day! seemed like you had a lot fun :) and that pizza is making me hungry!

    xoxo, rae

  3. Haha- I'm totally with you! Two pizzas makes up for a solo Valentines at least a little :) xxx

  4. It's interesting to see how you go about your day! That smoothie looks really delicious. I actually had a surprise day off on valentines day so I hung out in the flat with my boyfriend and we went for a long walk and made dinner together, it was simple but lovely! xx



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