Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Curly Hair Struggles

My ex once described my hair as a 'beautiful inconvenience' and I think he wasn't far from the truth. I don't feel like myself when I don't have my curls falling down over my shoulders but they can also be an absolute nightmare. I think most curly girls will be able to relate to the struggles of having curly hair in a straight hair world.
Things get lost in it
I'm going to share with you a real life example of this that happened yesterday. So, I turned up for work and found - to my horror - that I had left my hairband at home and I can't work with food without one. So, my colleague suggested I use a chopstick he'd found out back. He helped me stab the chopstick through the bun I had scraped together and - surprise surprise - it snapped entirely in half. One half fell to the floor, the other was lost in the abyss. It took me five minutes of shaking my hair around before it finally came out.
There is hardly any selection when it comes to hair products
Imagine the scene. I run out of hair oil but the oil I had wasn't designed for curly hair and didn't make much of a difference. So, I head into Boots to find something better. I find a single stand in the three aisles of hair products designed for curly hair. By curly hair, I mean everything from a 2a to a 4c contained in about 15 bottles. It is even worse when you are outside of the city. In rural areas, there is pretty much nothing for curls. For example, the Boots in Ambleside told me that they don't stock anything for curly hair and I would have to travel to the nearest city to find said products. Great.

Products cost a small fortune
If I won the jackpot on the lottery, I would spend it all on products for curly hair. Those 8 new products would really come in handy.
But seriously, why is it so expensive? People with straight hair can just buy Poundland shampoo and conditioner and it doesn't make too much of a difference. Of course it isn't the best but at least they wouldn't end up looking like Hermoine after a potions class.

Wash day is hell on earth
How do people wash their hair and then just head out and it is dry after an hour? It takes mine 4 hours minimum to air dry. And if I don't slap the product on the minute I step out of the shower then all is lost. Also the tangles! Oh, the tangles.

The straightening phase
I am pretty sure that most curly haired girls went through the straightening or relaxer phase. Those 5am starts to straighten your hair to leave for school at 7am. Then by 10am, it is curly again. Guys, I even straightened my hair for my wedding (which I deeply regret). So not worth it.

It rains on your good hair day
Why is this always the way? You don't even need to get your hair wet for it to turn into a frizzy mess. I took this pics today before I headed out to post a parcel and when I got back, my hair was huge.

It will suffocate your partner
Anyone else have a partner who complains about having your hair in their face when they are trying to sleep. I am sorry, it just spreads out! I can't help it. Now I have to contain it in a bun when I sleep. Joys of marriage, eh?

People ask you where you are from
People assume you are foreign or mixed with something because of your hair. When I tell them that I am Jewish on my dad's side, I get the whole 'ohhh ok' thing.

What are your experiences with curly hair?

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