Sunday, 29 January 2017

7 Truths About Long Distance Relationships

If anyone ever wanted to know anything about long distance relationships, I'm the girl to ask. Hell, I'm married and still long distance. Blame university and UK visa rules for that one.
Anyway, since I'm pretty much a PhD bonefide expert on going long distance, I thought I should share some truths about what it's like being in a long distance relationship.
When you are together, everything seems fun.
Heck, you can go to Tesco together and it'll be the best time of your life. Guess the distance really makes you appreciate that person more.
No matter if it's your 100th goodbye, you'll always cry on the train home.
After two years I'm still a sobbing mess on that Windermere to Oxenholme line.

The house always seems so quiet the first day after they leave.
You start to miss them blaring out Luganda music and dancing around the room at every given opportunity.
Everyone will criticise your decision to stay together long distance.
My man and I have been together for two years long distance since I'm at uni. Everyone thinks we're crazy but I love him so what can we do.

Seeing them again after time apart is like the first date all over again.
To this day, I get butterflies on that day and I get nervous when I receive that 'I'm outside' text. I even set up a exfoliation and moisturising regime before the big day cos Lord knows I make no effort when he's not there.
You develop more as an individual and don't become dependent on them.
You have to find hobbies. Find your own friends. Be comfortable by yourself. I think long distance relationships really help you to focus on yourself as well as growing together.

Some days you will be found wearing their clothes and crying.
That's life. You love them and miss them. Sometimes it'll bring you down but that's healthy and normal. Even boss bitches cry sometimes.
Long distance can work.
It takes commitment, trust, and a whole lot of train journeys but it can happen.
What are your opinions on long distance relationships? Have you ever been in one?
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