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All Black Outfits

It is a truth universally acknowledged that winter totally sucks. The weather has me chain drinking cups of tea and eating everything I can find in the cupboards. My diet has got up and flown south for the winter. Today I covered cereal in chocolate spread and ate a concoction that can only be described as disappointment.

But there is one good thing about winter and that is that no one judges you for wearing all black. In summer, everyone looks like a Disney Princess in an ensemble of pastel. Wearing all black in summer leaves you looking like that creepy kid who never quite got over their emo stage and now resorts to scrawling Boulevard of Broken Dreams lyrics onto cubicle walls in public toilets.

But an all black outfit in winter is perfect. Black is flattering so hides the slight lumps and bumps caused by the post-Christmas food baby that you intended to lose in January but never quite managed to. It's an effortlessly cool but easy look - I mean, who really wants to get out of bed early to negate a stylish outfit when your bed is so cosy? And, most importantly, if you pair it with red lipstick you can look like Morticia Addams and I think that is secretly a style aspiration we all have.



  1. Hy :D
    I'm glad to read your first Blogpost this year.
    The clothes are wonderful - i totally love the colour black - mostly I wear something blacK. The skirt and the shirt are very nice.
    Don’t be down in the mouth. The winter passes ;) Spring will be better for you and always bear in mind you are beautiful :D

    Regard from Austria

  2. Hey!
    I am so into all-black these days, its like I'm going through an emo phase! I love the black skirt and the striped top, that's something that I'd totally rock i this emo phase which I'm going through.
    Loved the post, girl! Do visit

    La Belle Dame

  3. Too true. That skirt is ruddy gorgeous! Like an evil fairy. xxx

    P.S. I might have to go and have a little nostalgic Green Day moment on Spotify.

    P.P.S. Try mixing Nutella into porridge. You'll never look back.

  4. love it x


  5. I love all black outfits, definitely the best outfits!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! :)



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