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Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making Of Harry Potter

As I have mentioned a few times on here, I recently went to the Warner Bros Studio near London for the Harry Potter Tour. It was a really exciting experience as it was my first time going there and I had heard from so many people that it is a really cool place - they were right.
Also, just a warning, this post is going to be quite photo heavy so you had better brew yourself a cuppa and get comfy, we're in for the long haul.

When we were there, they had a Sweets and Treats feature so there were places along the tour where you could learn how the prop food is made to look so realistic and the Great Hall was kitted out with a selection of puddings that looked good enough to eat.

There was a section showing lots of different costumes which really interested me. I especially liked looking at all the pretty dresses and my sister was pointing out ones she would like to wear for prom in the future.

I really liked the look of this potion bit with all the bottles of different sizes. I think I would definitely be a professor of potions if I could.

Another new feature they had there was the Hogwart's Express. We were able to go inside and each little compartment was set up as it was for each year in the films.

I was very excited to get a butterbeer - they also had butterbeer flavour icecream - and it was really nice. I liked how it was kinda fizzy but creamy on top. However, it was a bit rich so more than one definitely wouldn't have been an option.

There was a section that showed how they made all the animatronics and there were little screens which had the people who worked in this explaining it which was interesting.

We then headed into Diagon Alley which was so cool. Unfortunately, it was quite busy so I wasn't able to get many good pictures but it was a really great thing to experience and I felt like I was little Harry in the first film wandering along looking at everything in awe.

The final part of the tour brought us to this huge model of Hogwarts which was lit from inside so had lots of little twinkling lights shining out from it. It was really beautiful and the perfect finish to the tour.


  1. Oh man...I think I'd cry. Haha, it looks amazing!! I loooove Harry Potter, so I'm adding this to my bucket list, right now. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so jealous of you!!! You have no idea how much i love harry potter, you are so lucky. I'm inlove with your blog! Btw, would you like for us to follow and support each other via GFC and google +?! Im your newest follower, lets keep in touch babe!xoxo


  3. It looks absolutely amazing! That profiterole tower needs to be in my house. I so need to visit the tour - I can't believe I haven't yet.

    Rachael at

  4. I love Harry Potter! Thanks for amazing pics!))

  5. I'm so jealous!! I haven't been able to go to the studios tour yet!! I'm hoping to go in the next year or so!!

    Katie at

  6. I am going here in November and I can not wait! Great photos x

  7. It looks fab! I've read the books & watched the films, even though I enjoyed them I'm not a massive fan of HP so wouldn't think to do this, but I quite fancy it after seeing your pics!

  8. I absolutely love this place, it's truly magical. xx

  9. I love, love, love the Harry Potter Studio Tour! I've been twice and I'd definitely go again. It's also cool that they do the special features and tours now and again to add an extra element of fun - I'd love to visit while the Christmas tour is on (mainly because I think the Christmas scenes in the books are my favourites - I want a knitted initial jumper from Mrs Weasley!).


  10. If I could visit this place everyday of my life I would!! I
    Went last year and loved it x


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