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Recently, my sister and I went on a trip up to London for a weekend with our auntie and uncle. The main part of this trip was to visit the Warner Bros Studio to see The Making of Harry Potter Tour (post to follow) but we also got a day in London as part of this trip.
On the Saturday, we had to wake up horribly early (6am *sob* - it's early for me anyway) and trundle down to meet the feeder coach to take us to the city where we joined the main coach. Being seasoned coach trippers, we were readily prepared with a range of snacks and drinks to keep us going on the long 5 hour trip up to the Harry Potter Studios. I won't give much about that away yet as I have a post coming up but I can say that we had an absolutely splendid time.
After that, we travelled to our hotel which was in Kensington. If you don't know London, you might not know that Kensington is as posh as anything so I was rather excited to be staying in such a swanky area. Kensington always remind me of Fitzgerald's description of Tom's city apartment as being 'a slice in a long, white cake of house-apartments'.

We stayed in a Holiday Inn there which was fairly nice. I really liked the rooms and the breakfast in the morning was delicious (hash browns are the food of kings) - although if they had watermelon and fried bread, my life would have been complete. However, they did have a little counter where you could request your eggs any way and watch the guy make it which I hadn't seen before at a buffet
breakfast and felt it was a nice touch.
Also we had a really nice view. We were on the seventh floor but there were a lot more floors too.
The hotel was in a nice area which had lots of little cafes and restaurants around. In the evening, we found a lovely Italian restaurant where we got some food. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures as I felt a bit shy taking them as it was busy and we were at quite a central table. But the food was great and I ordered calzone and that was really nice.
The next day we headed into central London for a day of shopping. Unfortunately, it was very rainy so I didn't manage to get many pictures. We spent most of the day sheltered in Selfridges where I had actually never been before. We had hoped to make it to Harrods but the weather was too bad.
After a very heavy breakfast (and being rather full due to my hash brown baby), we ducked into Pure Waffle for a light lunch of waffles which were scrumptious.
I ordered the Nutella ones as it is a universal truth that Nutella is a substance akin to ambrosia (not the custard) and should be eaten at every occasion possible. My auntie got maple and walnut ones which may have been a better option as Nutella, despite being delicious, is rather sickening when you eat that much of it.

And how could any God-fearing mortal possibly leave London with a clear conscience without taking one typical tourist shot? 


  1. HOLY SMOKES. Those waffles look incredible!

  2. Nutella is indeed food of the Gods; although I'd have to disagree on the sickeningly sweet part. I have been known to eat spoonfuls of it straight from the jar... Xxx

  3. Those waffles!!! Oh this place looks like heaven.


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