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Decorating Your Uni Room

Yesterday I put the agency fees down thus securing a room in a shared house for my second year. We spent the day in Cardiff viewing a load of different places - some studio flats, some in shared houses. Admittedly, there wasn't much which was actually nice for my budget - seems lots of the places had rather big issues with damp. But the final property we viewed was great - well, it was a building site but the pics of what it will look like were great. And it is two doors down the road from the hall of residence I stayed in for me first year which was funny. It is a shared house with 6 other people but all the rooms are quite big and all have en suite - just like in my first year, I wanted en suite as there is a risk of getting lumped with someone with very poor standards of cleanliness. Kitchen-wise, I don't mind so much about cleanliness there as I don't cook much so I doubt I'll be spending a huge amount of time in there anyway.
In all honesty, I am just glad that I have somewhere to move into next month and not somewhere that I have to worry about the ceiling rotting away and having my neighbours fall through from the room above.

But all this property searching had me thinking of this time last year when I was anxiously googling everything university related. I was very excited to be moving into halls as I would have my own room (a novelty after sharing with my two sisters for so long) and I was looking at every room tour going envisioning how I would decorate said room.
So, I thought I would put together a small list of things that I did to make my uni room feel more homely.

Take things to decorate the walls like posters
Most rooms in halls have large corkboards. Although you aren't usually allowed to put anything on the actual walls (not Blue Tak/pin rules), you can use the corkboard to make things a bit more personal. Some long term readers might remember from my uni room tour (you can read it HERE) that I collected lots of postcards before and put them all up on the walls. But posters and pictures of loved ones are also nice touches. My uni did a poster sales at the start of term and I expect lots of unis do things like that - and we all know how much free stuff you get during Freshers - so if you don't take posters with you, it is easy to get some once you're there.


Take some personal items but not too much
I didn't take a huge amount with me to uni as I assumed my room would be really small. In actual fact, it was bigger than I expected. So, on my first trip home, I got some more stuff to take back with me. Unfortunately, I then had too much stuff.
So, you have to get the balance between what is too much and too little. My advice is to take the bare minimum but make sure you take things that are special to you (like decorative items, framed family photos etc). If you then find you have space you can go back home and pick up a few more things.

Bedding can add colour to the room
Uni rooms (especially in halls) tend to be a bit clinical and have white washed or magnolia walls but an easy way to brighten up your room without taking up excess space is by buying some nice, colourful bedding. The bedding I had at uni had multi coloured pineapples on it and it was amazing. Primark do lots of bedding sets with nice, colourful prints but be sure you know how big your bed will be before buying them - most beds in uni halls tend to be (very small and rather uncomfortable) singles though. On the subject of uni hall beds: take a mattress protector. Seriously. You don't know who was last sleeping on that mattress.

Don't crowd every surface area
It's nice to have a bit of space in your room. It is tempted to decorate every space but when it comes to revision time, you're gonna need every inch of that desk to spread out your text books. I remember a time where I had so much on my desk that I had to move the pile of junk onto the floor just to be able to put my textbook down. Don't be that person.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you the very best of luck if you are starting uni next month - you will have an amazing time, I'm sure.
Also I am thinking of doing a bit of a mini series about starting uni so if you thinking this would be a good idea then let me know and if there is anything specific you'd like me to cover then please either comment, email, or tweet me. Any suggestions would be happily received.
And if you just wanna chat a bit about uni with someone who has just finished their first year or need any advice, my email address is in the sidebar. I am happy to chat day or night.


  1. I love posts like this. Just seeing other peoples ideas for uni rooms - plus I'm really nosey and like having a peak at peoples rooms! Would be great to read more of a uni series, I've just finished my first year too and would be interesting to see how you've found it and stuff :) x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  2. Fab tips! I loved the massive cork board in my first year of uni - every inch of mine was covered. I think bedding makes such a difference. It can completely change a room. Oh and cushions!

    Rachael at

  3. What an exciting time for you! Moving is stressful but I love decorating new spaces and sort of nesting in my rooms. Can't wait to see pictures of your new space!

  4. Your room is lovely! I am going to use these tips for my own room at home because I am lacking inspiration at the moment x

  5. I totally agree with these points! I remember starting my first year, I didn't really know what to take with me :)


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