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You're The Dream That Brings The Morning Sadness

Kudos if you recognised the song lyric I used as the title - it's from 'Ivory Road' by King Charles which is a beautiful song (listen to it HERE).

I have been looking forward to posting this outfit post for a while now as I am absolutely in love with these jeans and I wanted to share them with you. I got them from M&Co as I found the colour gorgeous and I felt that they would go so well with lots of clothes that I own.
Also I wanted to try to gauge an opinion on this outfit as, some of you may already know, my boyfriend is currently away and I want to find a nice outfit to wear when I meet him at the airport. This is really the front runner and I just wanted a bit of advice as to whether you all think this is a good look.

Top: Topshop (old)
Jeans: M&Co (HERE)
Shoes: M&S
Jacket: Primark via eBay


  1. Wonderfully pieced together :) I love the colour of those jeans! x

  2. yes, this is a perfect outfit for picking your boyfriend up! it's so cute. I love everything about it! it's hard to pick a favorite part, but I'm loving the shoes matched with the jeans.

  3. love the jeans, really flattering too

  4. Love the outfit, such lovely colours :)

    Emma at

  5. Looking good lovely, when is he back? Hope he has a safe return x

  6. YES! Deffo wear this to meet your other half from the airport - you look fabulous! Its smart but still casual and the colour of those jeans suits you very well!

    Danielle xo

  7. You look gorgeous! I think it's the perfect outfit for meeting him at the airport, you look fab and also very comfy which is essential if you end up having to wait around!


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