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Witch Skincare Review

I am quite the fan of Witch skincare after having won a giveaway in which I got a shedload of their products. A couple of their products I am still undecided on but I thought I would share with you my opinions of these three products.

Witch Exfoliating Face Wash

I am a big fan of this exfoliator. My skin is fairly sensitive so other exfoliators I have tried before have done more damage than good in that they brought me out in spots. But this one is fairly gentle. The face wash itself is not too dense or heavy which is good and the little exfoliating bits in it (yknow, the lumpy bits - I am evidently no beauty blogger so I don't know what these are called) are fairly small but it isn't gritty. All round, it is a nice consistency and is quite effective without being too harsh. Scent-wise, all of these smell like witch hazel which does remind me of getting a graze as a kid and my nan putting witch hazel straight onto it which was painful as anything.

Witch Moisturiser

My go to moisturiser for the last few years has been the Simple light moisturiser but when that ran out, I decided that I should give this a go.
I found that it was quite thick so you didn't really need to use a lot and it lay a bit heavy on my skin. However, I am sure that if you have dry skin then this would be perfect. The issue with me was that I only tend to use quite light moisturisers as my skin is a bit oily and thicker moisturisers tend to make me break out as my skin can't really breathe.

Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

I seriously love this face wash. I like that it is foaming so I guess it is easier to measure how much you need to use and it is fairly gentle. I like that the chemicals in it don't seem too strong like some face washes so you could use this every day and it isn't too thick or dense so it is easy to apply and wash off. Generally, this is a winner for me.

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