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Photo An Hour: A Lazy Day

Today was a fairly quiet day as the weather wasn't brilliant so I ended up spending most of the day indoors. So, I decided that I would occupy myself with writing a photo an hour post as I had little else planned for the day.
Also apologies that this is pretty much the least exciting day ever - I will do another one of these on a day when I actually have plans.

At 9am, I started to wake up and then got a breakfast of pancakes and syrup - which I forgot to take a picture of. Not getting off to a great start with this photo an hour business.

Got dressed and took OOTD pictures for an upcoming outfit post

Searched for a flat to move into in September for uni. I'm not having a huge amount of luck in this area yet.

Played with the dogs. I love throwing the ball for these little pups.

Had a little watermelon snack - yum yum yum - then read a few blogs and started planning a few upcoming blog posts

I got lunch. I am clearly no food blogger seeing how I savaged that bagel trying to cut it in half to put the butter in. I had a bagel with cheese and an apple.

I went with my mum to do the school run in the rain then got changed into my pyjama bottoms when I got home. Nothing is as comfortable as old pyjama bottoms.

Spending time with my family and catching up on some blogs. Also started writing my outfit blog post.

We decided to watch The Witches which is based on the book by Roald Dahl

Had a meal of pasta and cheese as the rest of my family were having chilli con carne which I hate with a passion (seriously, even the smell of it turns my stomach). But managed to get a carb fix with every meal so I'm doing well with this weight loss business.

My younger sister and I had a face mask and settled down to watch a DVD of The Simpsons.
Also apologies if that picture gives you nightmares

I kinda gave up at this point with taking a picture every hour as I didn't have a huge amount to take pictures of but at some point in the evening I did my daily exercises (aka. my whenever-I-can-be-bothered exercises) which consist of lifting these baby weights, squats, sit ups, and a variety of other stretches and muscle work outs. Also lots of dancing to Beyoncé to warm up and cool down which makes the whole ordeal almost ok.


  1. Solo dance parties are my favorite work outs to be honest. I always feel like I do the most when I just dance like crazy to all my favorites!

  2. I like your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know at my page:)


  3. This post did have me chuckling! I haven't done this post because it would just be work selfie after work selfie (not that interesting....) If it makes you feel better I also usually savage my bagels. They can be so hard to cut!

    Rachael at

  4. You are so pretty, even with the face mask on! haha. Love this idea for a post. I may have to do this someday! (Although, most of my days are soooo boring..nobody would ever want to know what I'm doing all day! haha)

  5. This is a cool idea for a post, may do it myself in the holidays :)

  6. Mmmm.... cheese and apple is one of life's best combos. And dancing to Beyonce sounds like the best work out ever! Hope you're feeling better xxx


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