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You may have guessed that I have a huge soft spot for anything vintage. I love going to flea markets and browsing antique shops and, because of this, my room is rather full of lots of little olde-wolde nick-nacks. But it is always great to come across new items as I feel like there is something really romantic in owning something which has been cared for so well that it has survived for decades or centuries and is like a little slice of history. As with anything in life, the only thing better than buying something you really love is being gifted something you really love and that is exactly how these two items came into my possession. My auntie very kindly gave me these two items and I am so thankful to her for letting me have two really beautiful things.

I saw that my auntie was selling this online but it didn't sell the first time she put it on and I jokingly told my mum that I wish we could have bought it. My mum then told my auntie - still jokily - and the next thing I know my auntie has turned up with this as a gift for me having passed my first year of university. By the way, you can check out my auntie's shop here.
It is from 1890 and the scene is formed by salt. I'm not sure it is a real walnut - I think it could be made of card or something similar. I really love the blue colour and how the colour has remained so intense over more than a hundred years. Of course, I am anti-hunting but I find this so beautiful nonetheless.

My auntie also gave me this suitcase which, she estimated, is from around 1930 or 1940. She had been using it to store things to sell and gave me it as she knew of my fondness for vintage suitcases.
I really love how this one still has price tickets stuck on it. I also really like that you can open it as so many old suitcases have locks on them without keys or the clasps aren't working anymore.


  1. walnut looks great:))

  2. Amazing items :)


  3. Such gorgeous products ! I love vintage stuff.

  4. the suitcase is gorgeous and its quite good condition :) lovely items :D

  5. These Items looks interesting.Nice suitcase.

  6. Wow everything is vintage. I like the suitcase.
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