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Today I had a job interview for a part time position as a cleaner. In all honesty, I was pretty nervous. I really did need to get the job because, as I have probably mentioned a few times, I need to save to put a deposit down on a flat.
Luckily, interviews for cleaning jobs are pretty low key - I guess, unless you're applying to work at Buckingham Palace or The Ritz. I just went in and filled out some paperwork and had a bit of a chat with the senior cleaning staff and that was that. I am going back tomorrow for a paid trial day then, after that, they'll decide if they take me on dependant on how good my cleaning is.
So, I decided to show you what I wore for my interview. I didn't want to wear anything too fancy in case they thought that I didn't look like the kinda person who would be up for mucking in but I also wanted to look smart as it was an interview. I couldn't wear the outfit I was hoping to wear as I got foundation on my white shirt (was seriously annoyed) so I quickly changed into this.
I also had my hair tied up in this bun as I heard that employers feel more inclined to employ someone who doesn't have hair hanging down over their face in the interview. And my hair doesn't behave on the best of days so I thought it was an idea just to put it up.

Top: Primark (old)
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: New Look (old)

Also apologies once again for the setting to these pictures. I have to use the mirrors in my sisters' room but their room is always a state so that explains the mess.
Hopefully I will one day find some poor soul to force into taking my outfit pictures for me.


  1. Great shoes !

  2. Good luck on your trial :)
    Love those trousers so much

  3. Good luck on the trial - I'm sure you'll be fab. I have also heard that about employers more likely to take someone on who has their hair up. I guess that means I won't play with it!

    Rachael at

  4. I used to work as a cleaner and loved it, now I am in retail and seriously miss it! lovely outfit, the trousers are right up my street!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  5. Good luck with the trial! I didn't know that employers were more likely to take people on with their hair up, thanks for the tip!

  6. Fingers crossed and good luck! Loving the shirt!

  7. Good luck on the job interview!
    You look great :)

  8. best of luck on the trial , fingers and toes crossed :)


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