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Things That Make Me Happy

Today I am having a bit of a bad day. I mean, earlier I had a great time. I went into town with my sister and got a BBQ pizza to share from Domino's (which we scoffed on a bench whilst it drizzled slightly - not even bothered). I went to Boots where I got a load of new makeup which is always fun. But since getting home, there have been issues with trying to get my new SIM to work. Also I have been waiting almost two months for my new bank card to arrive and it seems pretty impossible to obtain it no matter how many times we go into the bank and try to rally them into action.
So, I decided to put together a post about all the things which make me happy to cheer myself up a bit.


Picnics are always perfect in the summer. I love heading out to the park with friends or family and a bag hamper of food. It is especially nice if you make some little treats yourself to hand out.

If I had to live off of one thing forever, it would probably be watermelon. It is so refreshing and it looks so nice and it's something you just don't get sick of.


I love being outside at dusk during the summer. Just when it gets a bit cooler and the suns starts to go down. Just sitting outside having a chat with your friends at this time maybe with a glass of Malibu and coke - perfect.

Who doesn't like pizza?! It is the food of kings. Especially the pizza from Pizza Express.

I haven't had a BBQ in such a long time but I really enjoy them. Despite not being the biggest fan of meat, I really like a good BBQ. Especially the BBQ pudding options - eg. you can put a banana in caramel sauce and wrap it in silver foil then barbeque it. Delicious!

Outdoor Lighting
I love how fairy lights and lanterns look when they are strung up outside. If I got married, I would love to dine outside or in a little marquee adorned with fairy lights for the reception.


Tiramisu is my go-to pudding. I absolutely adore it. They do an especially good one at Carluccio's.

Coke floats
Coke floats are just the ultimate summer drink. I always had them with pancakes at summer camp and I always had them at my grandparents' as a kid so I love them.


Sausage dogs
Sausage dogs are my absolute favourite dogs ever. They are so cute and I love seeing them run with their little legs.

Pride and Prejudice
The book. The Colin Firth film. The 2005 film. I love them all. If I need cheering up, I stick on P&P and get lost in the cuteness of Darcy and Bingley and how relatable so many of the situations are and how realistic the characters are.

I love a good market. An antique one (Shepton Mallet, Newark), a food one (Borough Market), a fete, or a jumble sale - they are all amazing.

Bridget Jones
Both the films have such a feel good vibe and are so relatable. I think every woman has felt like Bridget at least once in their life.

Colour co-ordinated bookshelves
I love this look. I recently colour-coordinated my own bookshelf (as I am such a cool kid) and I love how it looks. I hope to one day have enough Penguin books to have a shelf of all orange spined books.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what makes you happy.


  1. Ooh, I love this list! Both watermelon and outdoor lighting would make my list as well! :D

  2. It's so good to focus on what makes you happy when you're having a bad day. I also love sausage dogs, picnics and Bridget Jones (and pizza, of course!).

    I think I'd also add taking a long shower and clean bed sheets, lazy weekend mornings, books you can't stop reading (the type you stay up late to read "just one more chapter" and start reading again as soon as you wake up), and Netflix binges to my list.


  3. I greatly appreciate outdoor lightings too plus i love picnics as well! :) Thanks for sharing these things <3

    Have a nice day! :)


  4. Amazing pictures,That watermelon looks refreshing.

  5. Such a cosy post, I could live off watermelon as well haha :)
    Hope you feel better x

  6. Fantastic list! I love watermelon, and discovered a particularly BBQ-appropriate watermelon salad recipe last year I'd recommend if you feel like combining two of your summery loves:

    I hope your SIM gets fixed soon! xxx

    1. A link would probably help, huh! I omit olives and parsley because I don't like either, but it's still bloody delicious xxx

  7. Love a lot of these things too especially pride and prejudice which I've been watching again on sky. I also like reading and letter writing to keep me happy. You're right about those lights too so beautiful a neighbour has them up here and I love looking at them from my skylight xx

  8. I hope you manage to sort your SIM card out, that sounds so frustrating

    Some of these pictures are making me very hungry! Dominoes pizza is bomb and Tiramisu is my favourite dessert ^u^ wonderful choices. I hope you feel a lil happier soon

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  9. Great faves! I want to go on a picnic!


  10. I love dusk as well, especially when i'm on holiday! Going for a stroll once the weathers a bit cooler is so nice xx

  11. YES to picnics and tiramisu and Pride & Prejudice and basically everything on this list!
    except for coke floats, which I've never heard of! could it be something American?
    looks pretty good though :D hope you feel better soon ❤❤❤

    Fox & Fabric

  12. Pizza makes everyone happy :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  13. great post dear,that piece of cake looks so yummy


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