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June Haul: The Makeup and The Shoes

Recently, I have been shopping more than I probably should. The main issue is that the second I set foot into Boots or see something pretty in town, I have to have it regardless of the fact that I need to save to put down a deposit on a flat. This month I have been a bit of a happy shopper and picked up more things that I probably needed. I'm blaming the fact that I have a lot more free time now I am home from uni and don't have to budget for things like food anymore.

I got this Seventeen contouring palette as I wanted try out contouring but didn't want to spend a huge amount on something I just wanted to have a go at. I don't use the highlighter colour so much as I already have another product which is a better highlighter on my skin but I didn't really have anything to create the shadowing with so I am glad I picked this up.
So far the product itself has been quite good but my technique is letting me down in that I just look like I can been out hiking and have caked my face in dirt rather than that I have cheekbones to rival Angelina Jolie.

I also picked up this Collection eyebrow palette in Boots. I thought it was good as it has all the things you would need - including an angled brush which I didn't previously own. The one problem I have found with this though is that the middle colour which is closest to my eyebrow colour is still a little dark and thus I have to be very careful else it looks like a have a pair of slugs shimmying across my forehead.

I got this Collection Lasting Perfection powder as my other powder has shattered and now come out in a shower of loose powder whenever I open it. I was going to get some translucent powder but I couldn't find any so I made do with this.

I had heard that this Collection Lasting Perfection concealer was good so I decided to pick it up as well. It does really stay put which is a good thing and the coverage is great - especially for my wretched dark circles.

Whilst in Exeter, I went in a really cute shop called Hyde and Seek. It has so much lovely stuff in there. And I found this battery powered hurricane lantern style lamp and fell in love. The colour is gorgeous and it has a dimmer switch so you can control the level of light that it emits. I really like the vintage feel to it and how unusual it is.

Admittedly, I don't own many pairs of shoes (well, I didn't anyway) and it is always a pain trying to find ones that fit. After an entire shopping trip devoted to trying to find a pair of heels which fitted without success, we made a final attempt to find some in the M&S Outlet shop. And, boy, did we find some!
I picked up these for the princely sum of £5. I am not really one for a kitten heel but they look quite cute on and I can actually walk in them so that is a win.

I also picked up these wedges for, I think, under £10. I like the look of these although they do make my toes look a bit squadged up but I think that's the style of them.

I also got these for £18 and I absolutely adore them. I am usually a size 7 but I had to get them in a size 5.5 so I was pretty chuffed by that. They are a bit painful but show me a pair of heels which aren't. I really like how they look on and everyone knows that nude heels elongate your legs and who wouldn't want that?

Finally, I picked up this top from Topman. I have no qualms about shopping in the men's section if I can pick up things like this. I loved the colours and the pattern. I think it would look perfect tucked into high waisted black jeans or a black skirt with a leather jacket.
I am usually a size 12/14 in women's clothing and I got this in an XXS which is quite fitted but they didn't have an XS and the S looked a bit big.


  1. lovely haul, that seventeen contour kit looks really nice!
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  2. I like your blog!!You write really well!
    This haul was cool,i like the eyebrow palette!

    Check out my fashion blog if you want to <3

  3. Those wedges! Wedges are the only heels I like to wear. It makes me feel less crazy as I'm trying to balance! Those are so cute! Major envy :)

  4. I love shopping in the mens/children's section! It's nice to have more options.

  5. That contour kit looks fab, mine from sleek is far too dark. Those nude shoes are fab too.

  6. Wow, great finds especially the make-ups! Thanks for sharing these to us. Makes me want to shop now! <3

    Have a nice day! :)


  7. I love the little lantern its so cute!

  8. The items are great
    love the shoes

  9. Omg I shop in the mans section all the time! thanks for sharing love this post<3
    follow for follow?:)


  10. I would love to try the Seventeen Contouring kit! Love your blog, keep up the good work :)

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