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Hair History

I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with my hair. When I was at school, my hair was pretty much the bane of my life. Kids would tease me about it as my hair was rather big and different to their long, straight, glossy locks. My hair is thick and somewhere between being curly and wavy. It dries out very easily and will always be a bit frizzy. In all honesty, over the years I have used so many products on it to try to control it yet nothing has been able to get rid of the frizz. I am now accepting that my hair will always be 10% frizz.
I think that I mostly get my hair genes from my dad. My dad has always shaved his hair short as long as I can remember but, looking at pictures from when he was at school, his hair was massive. His hair was very dark and he had very tight curls. Also it grew outwards rather than downwards - as did mine for the younger years of my life. 
My auntie also has quite similar hair to mine and she was the one who got me hooked on using Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner. This stuff is amazing. It is pretty pricey but lasts quite a while. It is leave in conditioner so what I tend to do is put it on my hair when I come out of the shower and comb it through. Then you can use a little bit when your hair is looking a bit frizzy and sad then next day or whenever.
Other than Paul Mitchell, I once tried R&B from Lush which is a fairly good leave in conditioner. However, I still prefer Paul Mitchell any day of the week but I would have this product as a back up in case the Paul Mitchell stuff runs out or just for variety. But both products are cruelty free so it is happy days.

When I was younger, my mum liked to keep my hair fairly short as it was more manageable like that. Also it meant that I didn't overheat in the summer as having a mass of hair on your head in the heat isn't the most comfortable thing ever.

Block Fringe & Hair Dye
I think I must have been about 14 when I first dyed my hair. I wanted to dye it ginger but it ended up going this auburn kinda colour which, in all honesty, I like very much. However, having a block fringe was a nightmare. I always loved how they look but they don't work so well with curly hair.

'Scene' Wannabe
Around 15, I got my hair cut with a large side fringe and very choppy layers. I would straighten it loads and I wanted to be 'scene' which like an emo but different - it is very much inspired by Japanese culture. This phase pretty much killed my hair as I really didn't care about using heat protection or anything.

Let It Grow
I then decided just to let my hair grow out and have it natural. Admittedly, I had this much too short side fringe but I was happy with how my hair was at this time. This picture was at prom and I obviously hadn't discovered powder at that time but I had had my hair tied up all the day before in order to get it to curl more and be less frizzy.

After I had got my hair to a level where it wasn't so damaged and was kinda ok, I decided it was a good time to dye it. At the time, I really liked how it looked but it did really damage my hair and I got fed up with it after a while.

Long & Damaged
This is the hair phase that my mum describes as my 'witch hair'. The hair dye made my hair really damaged and frizzy and there was just no controlling it.

The Chop
Soon after I decided I really needed to get all the damaged hair cut off now and let it grow out again healthier. I wasn't hugely keen on this length (I straightened it in this picture) but I liked it more as it grew a little longer.

Current Hair
My hair is now growing out from the long bob I got it cut into. Although I need to get a trim rather urgently, I am fairly happy with the length and it feels a lot stronger and healthier thanks to getting all the damaged hair cut off.


  1. You look great in all these hair styles especially the short hair.

  2. That last picture of you is FAB!

  3. the 'current hair' suits you so much (and the blunt fringe!), so i'd say you'd definitely made the right decision! x

  4. I like how your hair looks right now, full and wavy! :D


  5. Aww seems like you've always had quite full and wavy look! I think it looks great! :)


  6. You look cute with all the hairs!

  7. Wow, this is a cool idea for a post! That's too bad that the dye damaged your hair that much, but it looks lovely now! I liked the ombre look too. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  8. The first picture is so cute :) I love this hair history! Your hair looks great!

  9. You look gorgeous in all the styles, I like them :) Happy week to you lovely xx

  10. Awww I guess hairstyle changes with all of us :)

  11. you should definitely embrace your gorgeous hair! I have a lot of hair too, and even though it wasn't curly like yours, it was really big haha... I know how you feel! you look great honey :)


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