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20 Facts About Me

It has been a while since I have written a post like this and, in all honesty, I was running low on post ideas so decided to give it another go. I enjoy reading these kinda posts - mostly because I am a bit nosey - so I hope you enjoy it too. Also if you have any kinda posts that you would like to see please let me know or fill out the poll in the sidebar.

1. I don't eat breakfast. The only exception being if there's a croissant going.

2. My surname is Jaji which is Nigerian and a pronunciation nightmare for most people I meet. It also often leads into a long winded discussion of family history.

3. I love watching Gogglebox

4. My current favourite shop is H&M

5. I love watermelon a great deal

6. I have never watched Star Wars or Friends

7. I love going to antique markets

8. I am not carrying on studying German as part of my degree next year. I'm just doing English Literature. Although I might do language courses in German alongside my degree just to keep up my proficiency.

9. I've never been to Paris properly - only Disneyland

10. I'm into both rap music and Taylor Swift. Basically, I'm a gangster with too many feelings.

11. I don't have my ears pierced

12. I attend a lovely Baptist church full of some of the smiliest people I've ever met.

13. I work part-time as a cleaner

14. I am the eldest of 4. I have two sisters and a brother.

15. I was born in Somerset but lived in Devon from when I was about 9.

16. I am scared of spiders

17. When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming an author

18. My favourite restaurants are Carluccio's and Pizza Express

19. I am not a morning person and I always stay up too late. I find that my productivity peaks around midnight.

20. I collect orange spined Penguin books as I hope to one day have a whole shelf of them as that would look so great.


  1. Good list! I've never seen Star Wars either but I watched all of Friends over my uni exam period last month -- instead of studying, of course. I have also only ever been to EuroDisney but want to visit France someday soon!

    - Iona (

  2. I can totally relate to the pronunciations of the second name, no one can ever say my second name properly!

  3. Ace!! Call me nosey, but I love these posts!

    You can't beat a diverse taste in music, heck yes to Gogglebox, pizza for the win and hurray for any kind of book collection!!! ; )

    Faded Windmills

  4. Nice piece I loved reading through.Keep in touch.

  5. I love these kinds of posts, too! I guess I'm a fellow nosey-person!
    They're especially nice when they're the first post one stumbles upon when checking out a blog for the first time :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my post about a recent trip to Cardiff! I would definitely recommend a visit to the castle on a sunny day ;)

  6. I love watermelon and gogglebox too!
    I also had a little chuckle at:
    'I'm into both rap music and Taylor Swift. Basically, I'm a gangster with too many feelings.'


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